Singers My Linh  

Conquering the global market is what all Vietnamese singers really want, but the reality is that they face many obstacles to realizing their dreams.

Foreign music directors and managers have shown interest in popular Vietnamese singers like My Linh, Hong Nhung, Quang Dung, My Tam, Lam Truong.

These kinds of performers are seen as musical ambassadors that can help promote Vietnam globally.

My Linh has already released an album in the US, and Lam Truong is gearing up for the Asian music market.

But the road is long and difficult, with exposure and financial support difficult to come by.

 “I want to gain more exposure by releasing an album in English, but am waiting cause I need a lot of help to do so,” said female singer Dong Trang.

Duc Tuan, a newly emerging singer with songs from music veterans like Trinh Cong Son and Pham Duy, is also set to launch a new album overseas.

Lam Truong put it frankly, “I think Vietnamese singers have a long way to go to catch up globally, after my tours to Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong.”

“We cling to the idea that the reason is language, but this is only one small factor,” Truong added.

“A big part of it is performance and high tech studios to produce an album on par with the rest of the world,” Truong said.

Reported by Da Ly – Translated by An Dien