Two Vietnamese newspapers have been fined for running phone sex advertisements that violate the country’s traditional cultural values, AP news agency reported Thursday.

The Vietnam Sports newspaper was fined VND12 million (US$750) for “running sex advertisements with contents that violate traditional habits and customs,” its editor, Hoang Du, told AP.

The ads for mobile phone message services used “rude wording” to stir up sexual temptation, he said.

More than 10 other newspapers have carried similar ads and are under investigation by the Ministry of Culture and Information, Du said.

“It’s a lesson for us,” he said “I have asked my staff not to run this kind of ads in the future.”

Ho Chi Minh City Law newspaper was also fined VND10 million (US$625), and last month, two other newspapers, Sports Today and Soccer, were suspended for five editions and fined for carrying the same ads, Du said.

Source: AP