Vietnamese Turtle Myth May Prove to Be True

Morning Edition, April 18, 2008 · For years, Vietnamese children were told of an ancient turtle that lived in a lake. When the turtle appears, it is said to be a portent of an extraordinary event. Now, researchers from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo say they found a rare giant turtle in a lake west of Hanoi. The turtle was thought to be extinct in the wild.

Turtle Holds on in Center of Vietnam’s Capital

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The last surviving giant turtle of Hanoi's Hoan Kiem lake, seen in an undated photo.

Hanoi University biologist Ha Dinh Duc, whom locals call “professor turtle,” says this is the last surviving giant turtle of Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem lake. (Undated photo) Courtesy Ha Dinh Duc

Morning Edition, March 28, 2006 · A turtle weighing more than 400 pounds lives in a lake at the center of Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. The turtle, as legend has it, is several hundred years old and is the last of its kind.

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