Website of Vietnamese folk verses
11:29' 27/03/2006 (GMT+7)

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E-cadao website.

VietNamNet – A website of Vietnamese folk verses, made by Vietnamese American writer Ha Phuong Hoai, is available as a means for overseas Vietnamese to access folk culture.


Phuong Hoai has collected Vietnamese folk verses since 1982. Since 2002, his website has provided an “online dictionary of Vietnamese folk culture”, including folk verses, songs, customs, and festivals.


Phuong Hoai said he is trying to find domestic partners who could provide him with more documents to develop the website.


The writer said overseas-Vietnamese people in the US are too busy earning money. Their children study at US schools, where they talk only English. Parents and children never speak Vietnamese to each other, so younger generations go further and further from their ancestral language.


Mr. Hoai said his website is not enough to solve the problem. It is too difficult for the children to understand, especially with metaphoric phrases and Sino-Vietnamese words. However, the website will be a helpful means for parents to show children their cultural roots. It will also provide useful documents for teachers at American Vietnamese-language schools.


Hoai’s website has already collected 21,000 lines of Vietnamese verses, and other 3,000 lines will soon be published. The verses are available at,,,,


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