Award-Winning Film “The Rebel” Returns for Special Engagements In LA & OC

September 22, 2008 by vaalastaff



Dustin Nguyen Starrer Set for Promotional Screenings to Celebrate Official Ultimate Edition DVD Release; Star and Director To Appear

LOS ANGELES, CA – Suspense, action, romance and a touch of black magic ignite when the award-winning THE REBEL, by film director Charlie Nguyen charges back onto the big screen in a pair of special Southern California promotional screening engagements during the month of October.

THE REBEL will be presented on Oct. 3, 7 p.m. at the Bowers Museum’s Norma Kershaw Auditorium, 2002 North Main Street, Santa Ana 92706, telephone: (714) 567-3695; and Oct. 23, 7:30 p.m. at the Edwards Alhambra Renaissance 14, 1 East Main Street (corner Garfield Ave.), Alhambra 91801, telephone (626) 300-8312.  Director Charlie Nguyen and lead actor Dustin Nguyen (21 JUMP STREET; HEAVEN AND EARTH) are slated to appear, and will participate in a Q & A session following each screening.

Admission to the Oct. 3 screening is free to the public, with a pre-screening reception at 6 p.m.; admission to the Oct. 23 screening (presented on 35mm film) is $10 general, and $8 students, seniors and Friends of Visual Communications member with valid I.D.  Parking information available by calling the respective theaters.

The screenings, organized and presented by Visual Communications, the nation’s premier Asian Pacific American media arts organization and by Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association (VAALA), Southern California’s leading Vietnamese arts and culture organization and the presenter of the biennial Vietnamese International Film Festival (ViFF), coincide with the ultimate edition DVD release of the film.  Copies of the 2-disc set, packed with commentaries by the director and lead actors, exclusive interviews, deleted scenes, trailers and other extras will be available at both screenings for post-screening autograph sessions with the director and actor.

“Throughout its four decade-long history, Visual Communications has been committed to championing the best new work by Asian Pacific American artists,” said Shinae Yoon, Visual Communications Executive Director.  “The DVD release of THE REBEL is an important step toward spotlighting new and exciting filmmakers like Charlie Nguyen, and in cultivating a new generation of media artists who will carry the question of Asian Pacific diasporic identity forward.”

Celebrated as the highest grossing Vietnamese film ever made, THE REBEL stars contemporary Asian superstars Johnny Tri Nguyen (The Protector; Spiderman), Dustin Nguyen (“21 Jump Street,” Finishing the Game) and Vietnamese pop star/actress Ngo Thanh Van.  Set in Vietnam in the 1920s during the long-standing French colonization, rebel forces emerge to disrupt the foreign control as the French employ elite Vietnamese agents to destroy them.  Government agent Cuong (Johnny Nguyen) captures rebel operative Thuy (Ngo Thanh Van), only to escape with her when Cuong’s conflicted allegiances turn on a moment of brutal clarity.  Cuong and Thuy are in turn pursued by a power-mad agent (Dustin Nguyen) who harbors personal demons of his own at the hands of French colonizers.

THE REBEL has garnered worldwide critical and popular acclaim since its overflow 2007 World Premiere screening as the Opening Night feature of the Vietnamese International Film Festival.  The online movie magazine Film Threat has gushed over the film, proclaiming THE REBEL “So badass it hurts…but it hurts so good”; while Pop Journalism praised THE REBEL as “an achievement of martial arts ability anchored in an intriguing tale of politics, power and betrayal”.

Winner of the 2007 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival’s Grand Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature and the 2007 Vietnamese International Film Festival’s Audience Award, THE REBEL was soon after acquired for home distribution by The Weinstein Company, and is slated for release on Sept. 30, 2008.

“Both VAALA and Visual Communications are excited to team up to present THE REBEL to the greater Los Angeles and Orange County communities,” noted Ysa D. Le, Executive Director of Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association.  “I’d also like to call for everyone to buy the officially released DVDs to support the filmmakers, so that we could have more great films likeTHE REBEL.”

Founded in 1991 by a group of Vietnamese American journalists, artists and friends, Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association (VAALA) is a community-based non-profit organization that seeks to promote and enrich arts and culture by, for, and about the Vietnamese communities.  VAALA has organized numerous cultural events such as art exhibitions, book fairs, book signings, recitals, plays, lectures, the biennial Vietnamese International Film Festival (ViFF), the biennial Cinema Symposium, the annual Children’s Moon Festival Art Contest and year-long art and music classes.  VAALA recently developed smART Program, which offers free art workshops for non-profit youth organizations in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas.

Incorporated in 1970, Visual Communications is a non-profit Asian Pacific American media arts center that promotes intercultural understanding through the creation, presentation, preservation and support of media works by and about Asian Pacific Americans.  A pioneer in the national media arts arena, Visual Communications boasts a catalog currently comprising over 100 films and video produced through the organization; maintains a photographic archive of nearly 500,000 historical and contemporary images of Asian Pacific American histories and communities; conducts filmmaker training and education workshops and seminars; and organizes public exhibition events including the annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

For more information on the promotional screenings of THE REBEL; and for additional info about Visual Communications and VAALA programs and events, please visit and

The Rebel Trailer from VAALA on Vimeo.


September 22, 2008

Liên lạc: VAALA, (714) 893-6145;

Visual Communications, (213) 680-4462,


*Đạo diễn Charlie Nguyễn và tài tử Dustin Nguyễn sẽ tham dự hai buổi chiếu phim để gặp gỡ khán giả*

LOS ANGELES – Những pha võ thuật hấp dẫn, ngoạn mục, đan vào một câu chuyện tình éo le trong bối cảnh lịch sử của thời kỳ chống Pháp sẽ trở lại với khán giả khi cuốn phim Dòng Máu Anh Hùng được trình chiếu trên màn ảnh rộng trong hai buổi chiếu đặc biệt tại quận Cam và Los Angeles vào tháng 10.  Hai buổi chiếu đặc biệt này nhằm quảng bá cho dịp phát hành chính thức cuốn phim dưới dạng DVD gồm 2 dĩa với nhiều phần phụ lục đặc biệt như phỏng vấn đạo diễn và các tài tử chính, dàn dựng các pha võ thuật, những cảnh đã quay nhưng không có trong phim, và trailers.  Bộ DVD-2-dĩa do hãng phim Weinstein và Genius Products sản xuất.

Buổi chiếu đặc biệt đầu tiên của phim Dòng Máu Anh Hùng dưới dạng DVD, sẽ được diễn ra vào lúc 6:00 P.M. (tiệc trà) và 7:00 P.M. (chiếu phim) ngày 3 tháng 10 tại Viện Bảo Tàng Bowers, 2002 North Main Street, Santa Ana 92706, telephone: (714) 567-3695.  Vào cửa tham dự suất chiếu phim và tiệc trà tại Viện Bảo Tàng Bowers hoàn toàn miễn phí.

Buổi chiếu thứ nhì, bản 35 ly, sẽ được diễn ra vào lúc 7:30 P.M. ngày 23 tháng 10 tại rạp Edwards Alhambra Renaissance 14, 1 East Main Street (corner of Garfield Ave.),Alhambra 91801, telephone (626) 300-8312.  Giá vé tham dự suất chiếu ở rạp Edwards Alhambra Renaissance 14:  $10, sinh viên, quý vị cao niên và thành viên của Visual Communications $8.

Đạo diễn Charlie Nguyễn và tài tử Dustin Nguyễn (21 Jump Street và Finishing the Game) sẽ tham dự cả hai buổi chiếu để tiếp xúc với khán giả.

Hai buổi chiếu phim đặc biệt này do hai cơ quan văn hóa Visual Communications và Hội Văn Học Nghệ Thuật Việt Mỹ (VAALA) tổ chức. Visual Communications là một tổ chức hàng đầu về nghệ thuật truyền thông (media arts) của người Mỹ gốc Á.  Visual Communications tổ chức Đại Hội Điện Ảnh Á Châu Thái Bình Dương hàng năm tại Los Angeles.  Hội Văn Học Nghệ Thuật Việt Mỹ (VAALA) thực hiện Đại Hội Điện Ảnh Việt Nam Quốc Tế (Vietnamese International Film Festival – ViFF) cách mỗi năm một lần.  Năm ngoái, phim Dòng Máu Anh Hùng vinh dự chiếm giải Grand Jury Award của Đại Hội Điện Ảnh Á Châu Thái Bình Dương ở Los Angeles và giải Khán Giả Bình Chọn tại ViFF.  Khoảng 700 khán giả đã đến tham dự buổi chiếu ra mắt lần đầu tiên (world

premiere) của Dòng Máu Anh Hùng khi cuốn phim được chiếu tại đêm khai mạc ViFF. Cuốn phim sau đó được phát hành tại Việt Nam và trở thành một trong những phim ăn khách nhất từ trước đến nay.

“Trải qua bốn thập niên, Visual Communications luôn vinh danh những tác phẩm mới của các nghệ sĩ người Mỹ gốc Á Châu Thái Bình Dương,” cô Shinae Yoon, Giám đốc điều hành của Visual Communications, trình bày.  “DVD phim Dòng Máu Anh Hùng được phát hành là một bước tiến quan trọng trong việc giới thiệu những đạo diễn mới và tài năng như Charlie Nguyễn, cũng như trong công việc nuôi dưỡng một thế hệ nghệ sĩ sau này sẽ nâng cao vấn đề bản sắc của người gốc Á.”

Dòng Máu Anh Hùng có sự góp mặt của các tài tử Johnny Trí Nguyễn (The Protector, First Morning, Spiderman), Dustin Nguyễn (21 Jump Street, Finishing the Game) và người mẫu kiêm ca sĩ NgôThanh Vân. Phim mang bối cảnh Việt Nam vào thập niên 1920 khi phong trào chống Pháp dấy lên. Để đàn áp quân khởi nghĩa, người Pháp đã đào tạo một số người Việt Nam thành những toán đặc nhiệm chuyên săn lùng những tổ chức của nghĩa quân.

Dòng Máu Anh Hùng chiếm nhiều cảm tinh của giới điểm phim.  “Tàn nhẫn đến đau đớn… nhưng đau đớn mà quá đã,” (theo Film Threat).  Dòng Máu Anh Hùng là “một thành đạt về tuyệt kỹ võ thuật lồng trong một câu chuyện hấp dẫn về chính trị, quyền lực và bội phản” (trích Tạp chí Pop Journalism).

“Cả hai tổ chức VAALA và Visual Communications rất hứng khởi khi cùng thực hiện các buổi chiếu phim đặc biệt tại Los Angeles và quận Cam để quảng bá cuốn DVD sắp được chính thức phát hành,” cô Lê Đình Y-Sa, Giám đốc điều hành VAALA cho biết. “Trong dịp này, chúng tôi kêu gọi khán giả hãy ‘mua đĩa thiệt, ủng hộ phim Việt’ để chúng ta sẽ còn được xem nhiều phim hay như Dòng Máu Anh Hùng.” “Mua đĩa thiệt, ủng hộ phim Việt” sẽ là “châm ngôn” của Đại Hội Điện Ảnh Việt Nam Quốc Tế nhằm kêu gọi khán giả hỗ trợ các nhà làm phim.

Được thành lập vào năm 1991 bởi một số nghệ sĩ, nhà báo và thân hữu tại quận Cam, Hội Văn Học Nghệ Thuật Việt Mỹ (VAALA) là một tổ chức bất vụ lợi nhằm quảng bá những tác phẩm nghệ thuật do các nghệ sĩ người Việt hoặc gốc Việt thực hiện để góp phần phong phú hóa đời sống tinh thần của cộng đồng.  VAALA đã tổ chức nhiều cuộc triển lãm, ra mắt sách, kịch, trình diễn âm nhạc, hội thảo, Đại Hội Điện Ảnh Việt Nam Quốc Tế (ViFF), Cinema Symposium, Cuộc Thi Vẽ Thiếu Nhi và Thiếu Niên vào dịp Trung Thu, và các lớp âm nhạc và hội họa tại VAALA Studio.  VAALA cũng đã phát triển chương trình smART, nhằm tổ chức những buổi workshop về nghệ thuật cho các tổ chức bất vụ lợi phục vụ giới trẻ tại vùng quận Cam và Los Angeles.

Được thành lập vào năm 1970, Visual Communications là một tổ chức bất vụ lợi của người Mỹ gốc Á chuyên về media arts (nghệ thuật truyền thông) nhằm quảng bá sự thông cảm giữa các nền văn hóa qua sự sáng tạo, trình bày, bảo tồn và yểm trợ những tác phẩm thuộc về nghệ thuật truyền thông.  Visual Communications hiện có một catalog bao gồm hơn 100 phim và video do chính Visual Communications sản xuất; lưu trữ khoảng 500,000 tấm hình vừa lịch sử vừa đương đại của cộng đồng người Mỹ gốc Á.  Visual Communications thực hiện nhiều khóa học và hội thảo về điện ảnh, giáo dục; và tổ chức nhiều cuộc triển lãm, trình chiếu phim, bao gồm Đại Hội Điện Ảnh Á Châu Thái Bình Dương ở Los Angeles hàng năm.

Để biết thêm chi tiết về hai buổi chiếu đặc biệt của phim Dòng Máu Anh Hùng cũng như thông tin về hai tổ chức Visual Communications và VAALA, xin quý vị vào thăm trang nhà http://www.vconline.org 


Johnny Nguyen and Ngo Thanh Van star
in the Vietnamese hit The Rebel.

The movie Dong Mau Anh Hung (The Rebel) drew a record crowd for a Vietnamese-made film as the summer movie season kicked off during the four-day national holiday last week.

More than 8,000 people jammed the two Galaxy Cinemas, the largest in the city, to watch the film The Rebel, directed by Vietnamese-American Johnny Nguyen.

Nguyen Minh Ngoc, director of Galaxy, said The Rebel was the first Vietnamese drama that had drawn huge crowds.

She said tickets sold out the first day when Galaxy decided to screen The Rebel late last month. “We’ve never seen that before for a Vietnamese film,” she added.

Galaxy Cinema on Nguyen Du Street alone attracted about 6,000 people, many of them young viewers interested in seeing pop music idol Ngo Thanh Van in her role as the female intelligence soldier Thuy.

The Rebel helped Thang Long Cinema on Cao Thang Street attract over 4,000 people from April 28 to May 1.

The Rebel’s box-office competitors were the Hollywood films, Dead or Live and The Marine, which drew 3,000 ticket-holders each over the holiday.

Set in the early 20th century, The Rebel features Cuong, a young man who returns to Vietnam following his studies in France and is hired by the French colonial army to carry out a secret mission.

During the process, he meets the beautiful girl Thuy, a secret agent for the Vietnamese resistance army. Although they have different backgrounds, Cuong and Thuy fall in love.

The US$1.5 million film made its world debut last month at the Vietnamese International Film Festival (VIFF) in Los Angeles, California, leaving a strong impression on young Vietnamese-Americans who know little about Vietnam’s history and culture.

Produced by the Ho Chi Minh City-based private company Chanh Phuong Film Studio, The Rebel features dozens of local and overseas Vietnamese actors, including Nguyen Chanh Tin and Johnny Tri Nguyen.

“I think The Rebel’s producer and distributor made the right decision to release the film on the 32nd anniversary of Reunification Day because the film is about war and love,” said Nguyen Van Thang, a regular moviegoer at Thang Long cinema.

The Rebel earned more than VND1 billion ($62,000) in ticket sales for its first three days of release in cinemas around the country.

The film will be released in other cinemas in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in coming weeks. Tickets range from VND30,000 to VND50,000, depending on the venue. (VNS)


HCM CITY — The Vietnamese action thriller The Rebel will make its world premiere today at the third biennial Vietnamese International Film Festival (ViFF) in Los Angeles, California.

Set in the early 20th century, the film follows young Cuong, who returns to Viet Nam after studying in France. He is employed by the French colonial army to carry out a secret mission, but in the process he meets and falls in love with Thuy, a female intelligence agent for the Vietnamese resistance army.

The Rebel stars renowned Vietnamese actor Nguyen Chanh Tin and his nephew, Johnny Tri Nguyen, a Vietnamese-American stuntman known for his acrobatic work in Spider Man 1 and 2.

Young model Ngo Thanh Van, the star of several action films, plays the intelligence agent.

The US$1.5 million film was produced last year by Chanh Phuong Film Studio, a private company in HCM City.

Organised by the Vietnamese-American Arts & Letters Association and the Vietnamese Language and Culture Centre at the University of California, Los Angeles, the 2007 ViFF will run from today to Sunday and April 19 to 27.

The festival will screen 13 features and 38 short films entered by filmmakers of Vietnamese descent from around the world.

The Rebel will debut in Ha Noi and HCM City on April 27.

Going global

According to sources from Chanh Phuong, the distribution rights of The Rebel were sold to the Weinstein Company in the US, making the picture the first Vietnamese-made film to be marketed globally.

The Weinstein Company, an independent film and distribution studio, has distributed many well-known films including Derailed, Transamerica and Pulse.

The Rebel is also the first Vietnamese film to appear on the Internet Movie Database (, the world’s largest cinematic database. — VNS

Seats fill for films

April 12, 2007

A celebration of Vietnamese moviemaking is turning three, and organizers expect its biggest audiences yet.

Seats fill for films

Seats fill for films
ALL IN THE DELIVERY: Johnny Nguyen delivers a punishing kick to a villain in “The Rebel,” which makes its world premiere Thursday in Irvine at the third Vietnamese International Film Festival.

“THE REBEL”: Johnny Nguyen, left, and Ngo Thanh Van star in the movie, the third feature film from Buena Park resident Charlie Nguyen. The movie was a special accomplishment for Nguyen because of the troubles the cast and crew endured in Vietnam, he said.

Seats fill for films
READY FOR THE CROWDS: Actors Johnny Tri Nguyen and Ngo Thanh Van, movie director Charlie Nguyen and film festival co-director Ysa Le, from left. ANDY TEMPLETON, FOR THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER

The Orange County Register

One of Charlie Nguyen’s big dreams is coming true this week.

The Buena Park resident’s feature film “The Rebel” is making its world premiere Thursday at the Vietnamese International Film Festival. It’s Nguyen’s third movie, and it’s also the third incarnation of the biennial film fest. By all accounts, the festival is getting larger and more influential each year.

The third Vietnamese International Film Festival, called “ViFF” by organizers and participants, runs Thursday through Sunday and April 19-22. Most films screen at UC Irvine’s Film and Video Center, with the opening movie at Edwards University in Irvine.

What started as a joint project between two area Vietnamese-American nonprofit organizations has become one of the nation’s largest gatherings for Vietnamese cinema and a launching pad for aspiring filmmakers.

“ViFF has always been our supporter from the very beginning,” said Nguyen, 39, who grew up in Orange County and graduated from Garden Grove High School.

“To make ‘The Rebel,’ we needed a lot of support from peers and friends, and ViFF was the portal through which all of our support came from. It’s sort of like a cradle for Vietnamese filmmakers in the community.”

The Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Association and the VietNamese Language and Culture organization at UCLA started the film festival in October 2003 by showing previously released films. It has grown into a popular gathering for the local Vietnamese community, with 51 films, social events and new movies making world and national premieres. About 5,000 attendees are anticipated this year.

“This is the biggest ever,” said Ysa Le, festival co-director. “There definitely has been growth. We see a younger generation of filmmakers with energy and new work. It’s a very diverse group.”

Opening picture “The Rebel” is a rare Vietnamese action and martial arts drama set in the 1920s. The film, in Vietnamese with English subtitles, was shot in Vietnam last year and stars Johnny Nguyen (Charlie’s younger brother), Ngo Thanh Van and Dustin Nguyen (no relation), whose first breakout role was in television’s “21 Jump Street.”

“I have been wanting to work in Vietnam,” said Dustin Nguyen, who plays the villain Sy – his first turn as an antagonist and his first acting job in Vietnamese. “It’s extremely important there are festivals to promote and encourage Vietnamese-American artists to make films. Otherwise, there’s really not an outlet to learn or see films.”

“The Rebel’s” cast and crew shot for 80 days in Vietnam, whose film industry is still playing catch-up with Hollywood’s and Hong Kong’s. They had to deal with a number of obstacles, including crew members who got sick, actors who got hurt and cultural police officers who monitored every move.

“We overcame a lot of difficulties,” Charlie Nguyen said. “There were tons of disasters and obstacles. It was a labor of love for a lot of people. So it’s something that we all feel very proud of.”

Other new films that have been attracting buzz include “Dust of Life,” “The White Silk Dress” and “Journey From the Fall,” a saga about re-education camps and refugees that had a national release last month.

“We’ve seen the success of ‘Journey from the Fall’ in the theaters,” Le said. “Vietnamese cinema is getting attention. Other films will follow and get the spotlight as well.”

And the filmmakers attending this festival are ready for their chance to shine.

Contact the writer: 714-796-6026 or

16:56′ 09/04/2007 (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge – The US$1.5 million sale of Vietnamese movie The Rebels to a foreign distributor suggests to some the possibility that many more high-quality, made-in-Vietnam films can be sold abroad.

Screened for free

Soạn: HA 1079054 gi đến 996 để nhn ảnh này
One piece of good news is the sale of Chanh Phuong Film’s million-dollar movie Heroic Blood to the American distributor, Weisteins Co.

For years, many Vietnamese films such as Chi Tu Hau (Ms. Tu Hau), Canh dong hoang (Wild Field), Bao gio cho den thang 10 (When Will October Come), and Thung lung hoang vang (Deserted Valley) have been screened at international film festivals, film fairs, and during Vietnamese film weeks and cultural days abroad, receiving international attention and support. Yet, they have only been screened for free.

In recent years, several films with foreign investment like Me Thao thoi vang bong (Glorious Time in Me Thao Hamlet) have improved technically. For instance, thanks to director Viet Linh’s efforts, Glorious Time in Me Thao Hamlet was screened in several small private theatres in France. But ticket sales were insignificant.

For the past 5 years, due to import relationships with foreign film distributors, Vietnam Media Corporation has regularly sent Vietnamese films to international film festivals and fairs. The company has sold several products of TFS, VTV, and Giai Phong Film such as Vu khuc con co (Stork’s Dance), 39 do yeu (39 Degrees of Love) and Gai nhay (Dancing Girls). But as a representative of Vietnam Media Corp said, “loss has been bigger than profit.”

Technical problems

Though the themes of Vietnamese films are interesting to foreign audiences, it’s difficult to sell them abroad for many reasons, one of which is low technical quality.

It costs at least $25,000 to make a film metre that meets international technical standards. Yet, the highest production cost of a Vietnamese film produced by a state-owned company has only been VND2 billion ($125,000) so far. With low investment in technical quality, Vietnamese films abound in light, sound and image errors.

Most of the few movies successfully sold to foreign distributors had to be re-produced. Last year, Thien Ngan Film sold Dancing Girls to Sony, which had to re-do the movie’s sound and other technical parts.

A good omen

One piece of good news is the sale of Chanh Phuong Film’s million-dollar movie The Rebels to the American distributor, Weisteins Co.

To open the door to Hollywood, The Rebels’ makers including directors, producers and scriptwriters, who are all Vietnamese Americans, had to research how to make a Hollywood-style product. And they reached a final decision: an interesting script about Vietnamese martial arts, known actors such as Dustin Nguyen who starred in award-winning movie Con ca nho (Small Fish) and minimising avoidable errors like inappropriate costumes.

Thanks to a good marketing campaign, The Rebels is one of the 2 Vietnamese movies ever to have a trailer and poster on the American website And on April 14, 2007, the film will be screened on the opening day of the International Vietnam Film Festival in California, the US, before being widely introduced in Vietnam and throughout the world.

With only 50 major theatre complexes concentrated in urban areas to serve a population of over 80 million, the domestic market for Vietnamese films isn’t big. Thus, many producers don’t expect to cover production costs by distributing their products in Vietnam.

A representative of Vietnam Media Corp said, “The goal of exporting films is an incentive for Vietnamese producers to invest more in their films.” Most of the films which have been produced in 2007 received unusually high investment. For instance, Phuoc Sang Film has spent more than US $1 million on modern production equipment, and new studios like Anh Viet Green Post that meet world technical standards are being built.

(Source: SGGP)  

10:24′ 05/04/2007 (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge – US $1.5 million movie Heroic Blood will be screened on the opening day of the 2007 Vietnam International Film Festival, which is to start on April 12 in California, the US.

Soạn: HA 1074784 gi đến 996 để nhn ảnh này
Johnny Tri Nguyen and Ngo Thanh Van in Heroic Blood

Dong mau anh hung (Heroic Blood) was produced by Chanh Phuong Production Company, the president of which is famous Artist of Merit Nguyen Chanh Tin.

Producer Phan Nghiem, a member of the film team, said, “We wanted the movie to meet international image and sound standards so we were willing to invest much more than usual. That’s the only way to make the international film distribution market pay attention. That’s the only way to make the movie sell.”

In order to pull enough money to make the movie, Nguyen Chanh Tin and his three nephews including director Tawny Truc had to mortgage their houses to borrow money. “If we lose, we’ll have to rent some other places to live. But I’m confident that I won’t lose, and even will be able to build another floor on top of my current house,” said veteran actor Nguyen Chanh Tin.

Director Tawny Truc said, “The movie hasn’t been shown to the public, so it’s difficult to say anything now. But there is one thing we know for sure: we have chosen the right genre, martial arts/ action movies. Previous movies of the same type have shown that international audiences, especially young people, prefer films with more images than dialogues. Besides, Vietnamese martial arts aren’t very widely known in the world. So we hope the movie will bring audiences many surprises.”

After being screened at the festival, Heroic Blood will make its debut in Vietnam at the end of April.

Notes on the 2007 Vietnam International Film Festival (VIFF)

51 films, including 13 long movies and 38 short films, will take part in the festival. Of the 13 movies, 6 were produced in Vietnam: Chuyen cua Pao (Pao’s Story), Song trong so hai (Living In Fear), Hon Truong Ba da hang thit (Truong Ba’s Spirit in a Butcher’s Body), Hat mua roi bao lau (How Long Will Raindrops Fall), Ao lua Ha Dong (Ha Dong Silk Dress), and Heroic Blood. The remaining 7 were directed by Vietnamese directors in the US, Canada, Australia, Israel, and the Philippines.

The coming VIFF will take place from April 12 to April 22. With the theme Sharing Visions, VIFF 2007 will show through the big screen the experiences, feelings and lives of Vietnamese living in different parts of the world. The organisation committee hopes that through the language of cinema, Vietnamese thoughts and feelings will not only be listened to by the Vietnamese but also by people from different cultures around the world.