Vietnam may have films banned for children under 16
01:20′ 10/10/2007 (GMT+7)

Ms. Muoi, the first thrilling film in Vietnam that is classified to not be appropriate for audiences of less than 16 years old

VietNamNet Bridge – The Vietnam Cinema Administration has introduced a draft regulation on film censorship, in which films are divided into two kinds: for audiences of over and under 16 years old.


The classification of films based on audience age is considered a must for professional movies, said Head of the Vietnam Cinema Administration Lai Van Sinh about the draft regulation.


“In the past, Fafilm Vietnam exclusively imported films so it was quite easy to control films but now we have many film importers so it is necessary to classify films clearly,” Sinh said.


He added that this way of classification would benefit audiences because adults could watch movies without scenes cut.


“With clear rules, Vietnamese film producers will know how to make suitable works and not be afraid that some scenes in their films will be cut by the censorship council,” Sinh said.


To compile this regulation, the Vietnam Cinema Administration is referring to film classifications of other countries.


The administration will collect opinions from film producers, experts, and related agencies about the draft regulation.


Some worry that if films are classified based on age, viewers will have to present ID cards at cinemas.


However, some film producers and directors support the draft regulation, and say that it is no problem to submit ID cards at cinemas and some countries do the same thing.


(Source: Tuoi Tre)