Pioneer modelling agency dreams of global exposure

July 4, 2008

Pioneer modelling agency dreams of global exposure
23:18′ 27/06/2008 (GMT+7)

VietNamNet Bridge – One of Vietnam’s first modelling agencies, PL (Professional Look) is teaming up with HCM City’s Stage and Cinema College to train Vietnamese beauties how to be professional models.

This beauty means business: Supermodel Xuan Lan, who raged across the catwalk in the early 2000s. She recently became the director of her own modelling agency.

PL also signed a contract with model training companies in Japan, South Korea and Singapore to hold exchanges with the Vietnamese company, PL director and former model Tran Thanh Long says.

“Our company will also establish representative offices in these countries to hold shows and introduce Vietnamese models.”

Long and his friend Ta Nguyen Phuc, known as the founders of the Vietnamese modelling industry, first set up PL Company in 2003. Since then, dozens of companies have followed the trend, including model Vu Khac Tiep’s Venus Fashion and actor Nguyen Anh Tuan’s A Dong (Eastern Asia). Most companies enrol students aged 14 to 23.

Some of PL Company’s stars include super model Phung Ngoc Yen, Vo Hoang Yen, Miss Friendly winner Chung Thuc Quyen and Miss Fashion winner Truong Chi Truc Diem.

Inner beauty

During PL’s training course, students will study different subjects like make-up, performing on the catwalk and how to act in front of the camera, says Long.

But beauty is one thing, behaviour is another, the former model admits. “It’s easy to find beautiful girls in bars and clubs but finding someone who loves the work and is virtuous, is another matter.”

Lessons on good behaviour should also be included on the courses, says director Xuan Lan of Xuan Lan Model Company. “I employ models carefully and selectively, they should be good girls and act responsibly.”

Other companies, like Venus Fashion Company on Nguyen Trai Street, HCM City, also focus on boosting the girls’ skills and charm, with classes on how to act on stage and others on foreign languages.

This isn’t just to look good in the skills round in the Miss Universe competition, as more modelling agencies look to promote their models on the international stage.

A Dong Company has teamed up with a modelling agency in the US to promote exchanges, says company director Tuan. “A Dong will invite some foreign experts in the industry to give lectures in Vietnam in 2009,” he says.

But few agencies can rival the success of PL. Last year the agency received an invitation from Fashion Television to send 20 models to a fashion show on the its Mega-F Diamond Cruise Ship at Nha Rong Wharf, HCM City last year, according to Thanh Long. FTV Jury also chose four models for Miss FTV 2007 in Thailand. PL is now an official representative of FTV in Viet Nam.

(Source: Viet Nam News)

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