Two organizations team up for Asian Awareness Week

March 27, 2008

Two organizations team up for Asian Awareness Week

The Asian American Student Association and the Vietnamese American Student Association are hosting the fourth annual Asian Awareness Week today through Friday.

“It’s one of the bigger events of the organization that carry outs our organization’s objective of spreading Asian-American awareness,” said AASA Treasurer Jeric Young.

Asian Awareness Month is normally held in May in conjunction with Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, which former President George H. W. Bush dedicated in the 1990s, according to a March 2006 O’Collegian article.

Instead of celebrating Asian awareness in May, members from AASA and VASA chose a week in March to involve more students because the spring semester ends in May, Vijayakumar said.

In the past, about 35 students have attended the activities hosted by AASA and VASA, according to the O’Collegian article.

AASA is preparing to go to the Midwest Asian American Student Union Conference at Kansas University on March 28-30.

Although AASA and VASA are different organizations, they collaborate on events that represent Asians in general, AASA Secretary Ryan Shannon said. These events include the Lunar Moon Festival and Multicultural Day, he said.

For this year’s awareness event, AASA is trying to bring in comedian Eliot Chang to perform in the Starlight Terrace, AASA President Dee Dee Ho said.

Chang has been on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend,” NBC’s “Law and Order” and Spike TV’s “Crash Test,” according to AASA’s Web site.

AASA is planning an Asian dinner and charging students about $3 to pay for the rental space for the comedy show and food, Ho said.

The Vietnamese Student Association is planning to host an open forum, Vijayakumar said. Affirmative action was discussed at a past forum, according to 2006 O’Collegian archives.

AASA also will host a movie night, featuring a film that represents Asian culture, Ho said.

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