Awards flood Vietnamese artists

March 27, 2008

Awards flood Vietnamese artists
23:22′ 24/03/2008 (GMT+7)

The Golden Album Awards Ceremony

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese artists are honoured by a lot of awards annually, but do these awards bring them fame and audience recognition?


The field that has the record for the number of awards is perhaps music, with Blue Wave of the HCM City People’s Voice Radio, Yellow Apricot of the Labourer Newspaper, Morning Star and Morning Star – Rendezvous of Vietnam Television (VTV), Sing on TV and TV Music Star of HCM City Television (HTV), Platinum Star of Screen – Stage Magazine, New Generation Diva of Movie – Stage Magazine, Dedication of Sports and Culture Newspaper, VTV – The Songs I Love, Vietnamese Song, Golden Album and others.


Meanwhile, movie awards include the Golden Lotus of the Vietnam Movie Agency, Golden Kite of the Vietnam Movie Association; and stage arts have the Tran Huu Trang Awards, the Awards of the Vietnam Stage Art Association, VTV’s Funny Gala, HTV Awards of HTV, etc.


Why are there so many awards? Because any agency can present awards. Most media agencies in Vietnam have their own awards. Big TV stations like VTV and HTV regularly organise music contests. Newspapers also hold music, art, and beauty contests.


However, is there any award that is internationally prestigious? Perhaps not.


There are many problems associated with the existing awards. For a very long time, organisers invited experts in each field to be jury members of awards. When award winners didn’t become famous after receiving awards, organisers invited journalists as jury members. Some organising boards give the audience the power to select the winners, hoping that the winners will be more famous and successful after receiving the audience’s support (by sending messages through mobile phones). But their expectations have failed.


Some artists say they cannot refuse to be nominees of some awards and these awards have no meaning for their career because the awards themselves are not prestigious. They also say art awards in Vietnam are spiritually meaningful, not materially.


(Source: TN)

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