Exhibition on Vietnamese AO victims in Italy

February 12, 2008

Exhibition on Vietnamese AO victims in Italy


Renowned Italian photographer Ciro Cortelessa will provide Italian people with an insight into consequences of Agent Orange (AO)/Dioxin through a photo exhibition on Vietnamese AO victims slated for February 8 in the boot-shaped peninsula.

On display at the exhibition, to be held in Spezia city and Liguria region, will be black-and-white photos taken by Cortelessa during his recent tour places in Vietnam which were sprayed with the toxic Agent Orange by US soldiers during the war.

In an article featuring the exhibition, the Italian ‘La Citta della Spezia’ Daily gave readers a clear picture about AO impacts on Vietnamese people.

The newspaper stated that “20,000 villages and between 2 and 5 million Vietnamese people were seriously affected by AO/dioxin in terms of economy, health and culture. In central Quang Tri province alone, more than 600,000 residents suffered from AO-caused diseases.”

In January, an exhibition showcasing 100 black-and-white photos on Vietnamese AO victims opened in Milan, Italy. The photos were taken by photographer Livio Senigalliesis during his visit to Vietnam last year. (VNA)

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