ietnamese beauties tell their sufferings

December 4, 2007

ietnamese beauties tell their sufferings
17:17′ 01/12/2007 (GMT+7)

Truc Diem at Miss Earth 2007

VietNamNet Bridge – Girls who have represented Vietnam at international beauty contests have suffered in ways that no one can imagine.


Beauty contests: bumper crop at home, failure abroad!

Why Vietnam takes beating at int’l beauty contests


“A member of the organising board warned me when I let another put her arm on my shoulder while we were taking photos. They warned me to protect me but I regretted not learning carefully about customs and habits of the host country to avoid such a circumstance,” said Ai Chau, Vietnamese competitor at Miss Young International 2007 in Taiwan.


“I was so worried the first time coming to China for Miss Tourism Queen International 2007. I was so tired because of the full working agenda, frequent moves, weather changes and my sinuses. I was ill after the contest. My weight fell from 52kg before the competition to 50kg after that,” Trieu Nguyen Thu Trang said.


“I was also worried because I did not have time to prepare carefully for the contest. I had to do everything myself while other contestants had assistance from their managers or connections. I didn’t have any experience so I lent my hair-dryer to the French girl and she lost it. So it took me a lot of time to do my hair. On the final night, I was menstruating so I could not perform well in the swimsuit competition,” Trang added.


Trang and other competitors were discontented by the organising board’s unfair treatment of competitors of other countries and the host country.


“That girl was often absent from training or came late but nobody complained about her. The jury paid more attention to her than others. Unfair treatment offended many competitors,” Trang said.


It was more difficult for Trang when the organising board changed the schedule suddenly. “They announced the swimsuit and talent contest would be held at the same time. I was afraid of not having enough time to prepare for both competitions so I did not register for the swimsuit performance, but talent only. But the organising board cut the performances of me and some other contestants at the bottom of the list.”


A Chau said that it was to her disadvantage to have had only two months to prepare for the pageant contest in Taiwan. Only a few days before leaving Vietnam, A Chau learnt make-up from a friend, so she could not make her face up as outstanding as she would have liked.


“It was uneasy for me, a 20-year-old girl, to go abroad for the first time for an international beauty contest. Arriving at Taipei airport at 10pm, I didn’t see any one who came to pick me up. I luckily met a group of Taiwanese students and they helped me to call the organisers. I felt so lonely at that time,” A Chau said.


“I did not have time to equip myself with social and cultural knowledge, especially information about customs and habits and communication style of the host country. There were many circumstances that I was surprised at.


“I tried to be friendly and fit in and did not put on an act but most of the competitors grouped together, for example the group of Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Singaporean girls. Some said bad things about others.


“When the jury announced that I won two sub-titles: the first prize for best smile and the third prize for best skin, I stood up and turned round to smile and share my happiness with others but I received few smiles,” A Chau added.


Pham Thi Thuy Duong, who attended Miss International 2007, also mentioned many difficulties that she faced in Japan recently.


“There are many pressures that Vietnamese competitors have to bear when they take part in international beauty contests. We all want to win prizes to bring glory to the country but success doesn’t come from the effort of an individual, it needs efforts, support, and trust from the community and it is the fruit of a long process. Venezuela, India and Brazil have won many beauties crowns at international contests and that is testament to a long professional investment process.


“European girls have outstanding bodies and professional performance style and many of them have won international prizes already. Asian girls cannot compete against them. Among the100 international competitors, Vietnamese contestants can’t attract the eyes of the jury.”


Duong also said that Vietnamese contestants had suffered many losses – losses that only competitors could feel.


(Source: Dan Tri)


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