Seven int’l cinema delegations to attend Vietnam film fest

November 22, 2007

Seven int’l cinema delegations to attend Vietnam film fest
11:37′ 16/11/2007 (GMT+7)

Against the grain: Overseas Vietnamese Johny Tri Nguyen (left) and Ngo Thanh Van (second left) star in The Rebel. The movie, produced by Chanh Phuong Studio, is the only private production set to compete in the 15th National Film Festival thus far.

VietNamNet Bridge – The organising board of the 15th Vietnam Film Festival has invited delegates from seven countries to attend the event, which will take place in Nam Dinh city from November 21-24, 2007.


Among foreign guests are famous directors and actors, such as American Director Ricard Edlund, Chinese actor Peigi, Russian actress Seminova Nina, Korean actor Joh Keun Shik.

The upcoming festival, which is considered a major cultural event of 2007, will provide Vietnamese filmmakers and cinema authorities with a chance to review what they have and have not achieved in the past year as well as set down new goals for the years ahead.

About 40 movies produced during the 2004-2007 period are scheduled to take part. Some of them are well-known award-winning works such as Pao’s Story, Live in Fear, the White Silk Dress, and Hanoi, Hanoi.

Films by overseas Vietnamese directors such as the Buffalo Boy, Saigon Eclipse, and the Rebels will compete on an equal footing with domestic ones. There will also be films that are yet to be screened widely.

(Source: Lao dong)

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