Hoang Thuy Linh : Paris Hilton Style Sex Tape Surfaces in Vietnam

October 28, 2007

Hoang Thuy Linh : Paris Hilton Style Sex Tape Surfaces in Vietnam

Hoang Thuy Linh sex tape

The sex tape starring Paris Hilton and then-boyfriend, Rick Salomon, did wonders for Hilton’s career and helped make her into a superstar of sorts. Fornication-for-the-nation worked for her in surprising ways. Her image has been all over the media ever since. Irritatingly so.

Pretty much the opposite has been the case for Vietnamese TV star, Hoang Thuy Linh, when a sex tape she made with her boyfriend was posted on the internet. It was a private video that boyfriend, Vu Hoang Viet, kept on his computer. It became public when an associate copied it from Viet’s laptop and passed it onto other friends, eventually ending up on the net.

Vietnam has a conservative culture when it comes to sexual matters, especially where public impressions are concerned. Thuy Linh in a sense epitomized this view. In the Vietnamese TV show, Vang Anh’s Diaries, she played the role of a young woman who is quite progressive in her thinking but who also holds to the traditional female virtues known as cong, dung, ngon, and hanh – roughly translated as tidy, charming, soft spoken and chaste.

It came as quite a shock for Vietnamese surfers to see their TV heroine getting hot and heavy with a camera recording every raunchy move. Of course the old double standard, typical of more traditional societies is alive and well. While Thuy Linh is being outed as a whore and reprobate, her boy friend isn’t suffering the same level of vilification. According to a few people interviewed about the tape – Thuy Linh’s career is ruined and she will never be forgiven by the public. Her boy friend Vu Hoang Viet on the other hand, can anticipate forgiveness and some measure of understanding, perhaps even admiration. The ‘boys will be boys’ attitude forgives all, but is unsparing in its criticism of the girls who make it all possible.

The actress made a teary confession on TV as she stepped down as teen role model. She expressed deep regret for her “terrible mistake” and apologized to her parents, teachers and friends.

This is absurd. Thuy Linh is being trashed publicly because some jerk posted a private video on the net! The offense doesn’t lie with Hoang Thuy Linh, it lies with a culture that still demonizes women for doing what guys do as a matter of course.

Vietnam is modernizing rapidly and views of sex and gender roles are changing. It’s pathetic that Thuy Linh is being sacrificed to appease the requirements of traditional two-faced morality

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