Vietnam JUMP brings int’l students to Vietnamese AO victims

October 21, 2007

Vietnam JUMP brings int’l students to Vietnamese AO victims
16:38′ 17/10/2007 (GMT+7)


VietNamNet Bridge – “Join to Understand, Memorise and Pave the way” is the slogan of a project named Vietnam JUMP of Vietnamese students at the National University of Singapore, which aims to bring international friends to Vietnam to live with Agent Orange victims.


More than 50 foreign students at the National University of Singapore have registered to participate in a two-week trip to the Friendship Village in the northern province of Ha Tay in Vietnam, where children affected by AO live, to learn more about the consequences of the war that American troops left in Vietnam.


Tuan Minh, 20, Chairman of the Vietnamese Student’s Sub-committee at the National University of Singapore, said: “Our association has organised many voluntary activities in Vietnam. We want to gather international friends to do something in our country.”


Vietnam JUMP is the result.


Phuong Thuy, 19, who has been in Singapore for just three months, has been appointed the project manager thanks to her experience in doing social activities.


“My classmates know a little about Vietnam as well as the prolonged consequences that America left in our country. Vietnam Jump will help them to know more about Vietnam,” she said.


Vietnam JUMP will bring around 15 foreign students to Ha Tay during their winter and New Year holiday, from December 9-23, 2007. The student volunteers will share themselves with disabled children at the Friendship Village and do other social activities as well as visit some landscapes in Vietnam. Participants will be selected through two interviews.


However, funding is a problem for the organisers of this project. According to Phuong Thuy, Singapore’s Great Eastern Insurance Company and Vietnam’s Golden Key Education Vietnam & Training Investment Company have agreed to fund this project.


“We will still have to seek other sources of sponsorship besides the committed funding from the two companies,” Phuong Thuy said.


(Source: TN)

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