More than 16 percent of Vietnamese adults obese

October 21, 2007

More than 16 percent of Vietnamese adults obese


A total of 16.3 percent of the Vietnamese adult population is obese, and 32.5 percent of those living in urban areas are over-weight, according to 2005 statistics.

These figures were announced in a conference entitled “Overweight and Obesity: Facilitator of Modern Diseases” held recently in Ho Chi Minh City.

According to the National Nutrition Institute, the number of overweight and obese people worldwide is one billion. 24.1 percent of Asian adults suffer from obesity.

The US, with 100 million overweight and obese people, has the highest percentage of obesity in the world.

Overweight is defined by Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI gauges total body fat by dividing weight by height squared. A BMI over 23 is considered overweight, and over 30, obese.

Obesity is linked to such problems as heart disease, diabetes and even cancer, according to reports announced at the conference.

Reported by Khanh Vy


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