hi friends!

October 21, 2007

hi friends!
i am so proud to be a part of the Viet Film Wave… the First Wave of course, being Tran Anh Hung, Tim & Tony Bui… and now there is an insurgence of more Vietnamese diasporic films being made… the following 3 films are playing this week (sorry, they played last weekend but i was in singapore and forgot to send out an email! ah!  but hopefully you guys can come down to san diego this week to check these out):  i have a few tickets for each screening, but not many, so email/call me 310 873 7333 !

“Oh Mommy!” (Me Oi) news plus other Viet Film Wave news:

“Oh Mommy!” is a claymation short that i wrote/directed/ animated thru VC’s Armed with a Camera Fellowship

San Diego Asian Film Festival (www.sdaff.org)

Thurs, Oct 11, 6:45pm – Bolinao 52 (documentary feature by Duc Nguyen on the Vietnamese refugees in the Philippines)
Sat, Oct 13, 3:15pm & Tues, Oct. 16, 6pm- The Rebel (action romance drama by Charlie Nguyen… I was the 1st Assistant Director on this one) … for those of you who missed it, come watch!  it’ll be coming to theatres in the near future, but if you can’t wait, then come on down! www.therebelmovie. com
Sun, Oct 14, 1:45pm & Wed, Oct 17, 5pm- my short, “Oh Mommy!” is going to open for Owl and the Sparrow (heartwarming feature by Stephane Gauger which i also was an Assistant Director on….) www.owlandthesparro w.com
http://sdaff. bside.com/ ?_view=_filmdeta ils&filmId=35327740

the next screenings for all these films will be for the Hawaii International Film Festival (including “Oh Mommy!”) at the end of the month… i don’t know my screening time yet but i’ll let you know… i’m not going to be able to afford to fly out to Hawaii tho, so sad… tho TRUST me.  i am tempted.

see you there!  i’m going to san diego tomorrow!
jenni trang le

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