Fashion TV to feature ao dai collections

October 10, 2007

Fashion TV to feature ao dai collections
16:24′ 22/08/2007 (GMT+7)

Vo Viet Chung

VietNamNet Bridge – For the first time, international fashion channel Fashion TV will feature Vietnamese fashion: ao dai (traditional dress) collections by leading designer Vo Viet Chung.

Award-winning designer Vo Viet Chung said he himself was quite surprised when he first learned his collections would appear on Fashion TV. “I was chosen since according to Michael Gleissner, Fashion TV’s Asia Director, my ao dai collections are really special.

Each ao dai has its own story to tell. And through these collections, he said he saw their designer’s love of his country,” said Vo Viet Chung. The collections to be featured are award-winning Co Ba xu Viet (Vietnamese Girl); Phuong Sai Gon (Saigon Phoenix), which has recently appeared on Charming Vietnam 18 in Singapore; and (Suc song) Vitality.

Vo Viet Chung said he was confident these collections would impress. “I know I will appear on Fashion TV not only as an individual designer, but also to represent Vietnamese fashion and people. So I won’t miss any opportunity to promote my home country’s image, culture and people.

“I want the world to know more about Vietnam. I want to affirm that Vietnamese fashion has its own place in the international fashion world,” said he. Vo Viet Chung will certainly have a great opportunity to introduce Vietnam to international viewers during the three-part programme.

Part 1 will feature an interview with Vo Viet Chung and the young designer at work. In Part 2 and Part 3, various collections will be showcased. The film team arrived yesterday afternoon in HCM City for a three-day shoot.

Vo Viet Chung’s ao dais will be worn by leading domestic models as well as an international one, Laury Prudent, from Miami, the US. Asked what made her want to take part in the programe, Laury Prudent said she had long been captivated by the grace of the Vietnamese traditional dress.

“So knowing that I would have a chance to wear ao dais, I decided to accept the offer without hesitation,” said he.

(Source: LD, NLD)

Vietnamese ao dai to be on Fashion TV in October
16:57′ 09/10/2007 (GMT+7)

Ao dai designed by Vo Viet Chung

VietNamNet Bridge – Fashion TV will begin to introduce three collections of Vietnamese ao dai by Vietnamese designer Vo Viet Chung as of October 9.


Fasion TV shot the three collections of ao dai, namely Co ba xu Viet (Miss Ba), Phuong Saigon, and Huyen thoai phuong Dong (Oriental Legend) in September in HCM City.


The show introducing those collections will be aired in October, 6-10 times a day.


After that, this fashion channel will continue to broadcast video clips on designer Vo Viet Chung and his activities in the fields of fashion.


(Source: Nguoi Lao Dong)

Vietnamese collection to star on fashion TV channel


Timeless fashion: A Vietnamese model strolls on the fTV catwalk to show off the ao dai to international audiences. — VNS Photo

Young designer Vo Viet Chung’s collection of traditional Vietnamese satin will be on the catwalk early next month on Fashion TV (fTV), an international TV channel.

Titled Co Ba Xu Viet (Ms Ba from Viet Country), the collection features Vietnamese ao dai (traditional dress) made from My A satins, high-quality materials produced only in the Cuu Long (Mekong) province of An Giang that have been popular in Viet Nam for hundreds of years.

Chung, the first Vietnamese designer invited to show his work on fTV, is one of Viet Nam’s most popular fashion designers, known in both Viet Nam and abroad for designs that are infused with national identity.

The most outstanding feature of his collections is the harmonious combination between the modern, youthful style and traditional beauty to enhance the elegance and charm of those who wear them.

The production crew of fTV arrived in HCM City on Tuesday to work with Chung for the show, which will include an interview with the designer.

“I’m both surprised and happy that my collection will be introduced on fTV,” the 32-year-old said.

Before Chung’s collection was selected, several ranking officials from fTV had spent time studying the Vietnamese fashion industry and local young designers.

“With my collection to be shown on fTV, I believe that Vietnamese fashion will soon have a place in international fashion circles,” Chung said.

Chung’s Ms Ba from Viet Country collection will be displayed by well-known model and actress Laury Prudent from the US and several top Vietnamese models, including Chung Thuc Quyen, Kim Cuong and Binh Minh.

“I’m charmed by the beauty and elegance of ao dai,” Prudent said. ” I wanted to go to Viet Nam immediately when I was told I would wear ao dai for fTV featuring Chung’s collection,” she said.

Chung began his fashion career in 1995, designing costumes for the theatre at the Institute for Cultural Exchange with France (IDECAF). In 1997, Chung won a top prize at Japan’s Makuhari Fashion Competition for Asian young designers.

The designer rose to fame after restoring My A satin and Tan Chau silk, two traditional Vietnamese materials made in Tan Chau craft village in An Giang.

Chung used the same fabrics for many of his collections which have been shown at fashion festivals in Viet Nam and in countries including Malaysia, China, Australia and New Zealand.

The designer was awarded the UNESCO insignia by the Viet Nam UNESCO Association last year for his efforts to preserve the rare traditional My A satin. — VNS

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