Nearly 70 Vietnamese ‘brides’ attend Korean men’s selection

July 22, 2007

Nearly 70 Vietnamese ‘brides’ attend Korean men’s selection
08:52′ 18/07/2007 (GMT+7)

VietNamNet Bridge – On the morning of July 15, police forces of HCM City and the southern province of Long An discovered two Korean ‘bridegrooms’ who were ‘palpating’ 67 young Vietnamese ‘brides’.


The examination took place at a hotel in Duc Hoa district, Long An province, held by ‘match-makers’ Nguyen Thi Tram, 54, from HCM City, and Vong Dung Hung, 33, from Long An province.


Tram and Hung always keep tens of young girls in their houses as ‘candidates’ for ‘bride selections’ of Korean men. Those girls mainly come from southwestern provinces and don’t have stable jobs and desire to go abroad.


At any time, Tram and Hung can immediately meet the needs of Korean ‘bridegrooms’. They also work with other ‘match-makers’ to mobilise hundreds of ‘candidates’ if clients need.


So far this year police have detected nearly ten ‘selections’ like this.

One Response to “Nearly 70 Vietnamese ‘brides’ attend Korean men’s selection”

  1. Viet Says:

    Good choice. Vietnamese women are the most stunning women on this planet. There are no ugly Vietnamese women, you know? I mean, Vietnamese women are thin and small. OK, some Korean guys complain about too skinny Vietnamese ladies but they are beautiful. What else do you need from a girl?

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