Locked eyes: The very first exhibition at Maison des Arts featuring 18 Ha Noi artists is intended to give visitors an overview of contemporary Vietnamese art. — VNS Photo Truong Vi

HA NOI — A new exhibition gives visitors an overview of contemporary Vietnamese art through paintings and sculptures by 15 painters and three sculptors from Ha Noi.

Nearly 50 paintings and 10 sculptures on show at the first exhibition to be hosted by the Maison des Arts in Ha Noi reflect a variety of contemporary artistic movements including abstract, expressionism, impressionism, and hyper-realism.

Sculptures on display include Canh Chim Do (Red Birdwing) by Luong Van Viet, inspired by the need to protect the environment and wildlife, and Dong Chay Ngam (Hidden Current) by Khong Do Tuyen, calling on people to live healthier lives.

“I can see common things in different works by the artists at the show,” said Nguyen Nga, owner of the newly opened Maison des Arts. “They reflect the image of a peaceful country: Viet Nam. The young painters have begun to look for their own world while moving towards a more integrated world.”

Nga said she hoped the exhibition would help visitors learn more about Vietnamese contemporary art and help the young artists become better known nationwide.

Nga, 50, left Viet Nam at a young age and has lived in France for years. By opening the Maison des Arts, she said she wished to bridge the cultures of the two countries.

The exhibition runs until July 30 at Maison des Arts, located at 31A Van Mieu Street in Ha Noi. — VNS