Overseas Vietnamese to be exempted from visa

May 22, 2007

15:36′ 21/05/2007 (GMT+7)

VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Public Security have proposed the Prime Minister to issue the Regulation on visa exemption for overseas Vietnamese who have foreign passports.


Accordingly, overseas Vietnamese who return to Vietnam within 90 days will be exempted from visa if they meet the following conditions: Having foreign passports or alternative papers which are valid in at least six months, valid return tickets or the tickets to go to the third country, and visa exemption verification document.


Foreigners who are the husband, wife and children of overseas Vietnamese regulation who meet the above conditions are also exempted from visas to Vietnam.


The Ministry of Public Security is compiling a guiding document to simplify formalities and shorten the procedures on repatriation of overseas Vietnamese.


The ministry will modify some regulations on immigration and residence of foreigners in Vietnam, including the expansion of visa granting at border gates for foreigners in general and grant five-year visas for investors.


One Response to “Overseas Vietnamese to be exempted from visa”

  1. lhack Says:

    Do you know how to apply for the exemption? All the other websites that cover this news seem to just repeat the press release from the government but don’t give any specific information on how to apply. The government website for overseas Vietnamese is available only in Vietnamese. The English language version is not available still.

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