Korean men seek brides among 66 Vietnamese girls

May 12, 2007

12:11′ 24/04/2007 (GMT+7)


VietNamNet Bridge – Sixty-six girls at the age of 18-20 from poor rural areas in southern provinces gathered at a house in HCM City for an inspection by Korean grooms.


HCM City police on April 23 caught two Korean people red-handed, including two men and one woman who were ‘seeing 66 prospective brides’ at a house in Ward 4, District 10, HCM City.


The house’s owner, Thang Ngai Linh, age 45, 66 girls, three Korean men and another woman named Thi Vinh Khuong, 41, had to come to the local police station for investigation.


Linh and Khuong declared that they organized the ‘meeting’ for these Korean men and 66 girls, who had to pay fees to those illegal matchmakers.


At the house, the girls had to be nude for ‘body inspection’ by the Koreans, hoping to be chosen as brides.


Previously HCM City police discovered a similar case. However, as illegal matchmakers were fined only, this illegal service has boomed in HCM City recently, seriously affecting the dignity of Vietnamese women.


Phan Cong

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