Vietnam Cinema Association responds to charge

May 9, 2007

12:35′ 08/05/2007 (GMT+7)

A scene in the White Silk Dress
A scene in the White Silk Dress

VietNamNet Bridge – The Vietnam Cinema Association yesterday held a press conference to respond to the charge of some members of the Golden Kite’s jury that their votes for best feature film were falsified.   

Vietnam’s biggest annual film contest, the Golden Kite Awards, ended three days ago with two winners sharing the highest prize, the Golden Kite for best feature film:   Hanoi, Hanoi, a joint-venture between Vietnamese and Chinese producers, and the White Silk Dress produced by Vietnamese private production company Phuoc Sang Film. 

Some jury members such as musician Phu Quang said that before the award ceremony, the 9-member jury had agreed that five votes would be cast for Hanoi, Hanoi and four for the White Silk Dress. 

Yet, the final result turned out to be that four votes were counted for each movie and the last one was cast for a third nominee.   

The press conference held yesterday afternoon included Tran Luan Kim, Chairman of the Vietnam Cinema Association, Acting Deputy Chairman Dang Xuan Hai, Deputy Chairman Nguyen Khai Hung, and Chairwoman of this year’s Golden Kite’s jury board Nguyen Thi Hong Ngat.

Why were some of the jury members so surprised and even indignant when the best feature film title went to both Hanoi, Hanoi and the White Silk Dress? 

Tran Luan Kim:  Some of them were indeed surprised since when they met earlier, they somehow reached an agreement different from the final announcement.  But this agreement was only verbal.  Afterwards, each of them wrote down their choice on a secret vote. 

The final result was based on written votes, not verbal opinions.  The jury members might have reached their own conclusion, but it was the organization board that made the final decision.  I was surprised that they could be so angry.  There was nothing to be angry about. 

You can be angry if cheating occurred.  But there was no cheating.  Some are angry merely because others didn’t vote in the same way as them.  I have to say that there was no cheating here.  Cheating wouldn’t have been profitable to anyone. 

Nguyen Thi Hong Ngat:   I was myself very impressed by Hanoi, Hanoi, but I also knew that Chinese artists contributed 2/3 of the efforts in this film.  So it wasn’t fair to award only one golden kite. 

Yet, the two winners aren’t perfect.  Hanoi, Hanoi’s script is somewhat forced and awkward.  As for the White Silk Dress, it has some directing faults.   But no jury member was forced to vote against his or her opinion.  They voted as they saw fit and the organization board re-discussed their votes.

The organization board has more responsibility than the jury in considering what is best for the country’s cinema.  If there is any change of the jury’s decision, it is only meant to support and encourage Vietnamese cinema.

Khai Hung:  It is normal that the organization board has the right to adjust the jury’s decision based on a respect for the jury’s choice.  The role of the jury is to consult the organization board in awarding prizes.  As for myself, I think these two movies deserve only a silver kite.   

The Golden Kite is the contest for Vietnamese artists.  So why did the jury award the best leading actress and best soundtrack titles for Chinese artists in Hanoi, Hanoi?   

Tran Luan KimVietnam has joined the WTO, and integration means that no difference should be made among joint-ventures, overseas Vietnamese products, private and government-supported films.

Nguyen Thi Hong Ngat: Awarding prizes to Chinese artists means recognizing their contribution and efforts, as well as stimulating competition.

(Source: VNN, LD, TP, TT)

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