Coffee shop review

April 17, 2007

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Juice C.

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03/27/2007 5 stars

dude, this place totally gets 5 stars. and i dont even drink coffee! believe it or not, one of my coworkers introduced me to this place a few months ago. i was cross training at the client with him and for lunch he was like, “you wanna go to a cafe? ive taken the manager and the girls there are hot.” so im like, “ok sure”.

we get there and these girls are seriously wearing micro-skirts and in 6 inch heels and bikini tops. it was RIDiculous.

you walk in and you see all these scantily clad waitresses who are definitely hoochie hot. every inch of the walls are lined with plasma tvs. theyve got these weird looking asian video games. i think they even do some sort of keno.

they even allow smoking inside, people just ash on the ground, pretty disgusting. anyway, so theres like no menu either you just order. so my friend ordered us the avocado milk shake which was pretty damn good. they dont serve alcohol which is pretty surprising.

but yeah, they all serve this free ice tea. it was hilarious because my coworker was like downing his ice tea. id never seen anyone drink so much so fast. then after the waitress came by like for the 4th time in 15 minutes i finally understood what he was up to. the service was so good that everytime you need a refill they come prancing by and filling it up. RIDiculous!!!

so yeah, come here for the coffee and stay for the scenery. dont believe me? check out their myspace page. i think its one of the girls that work there.

remember, order the avocade shake so you can look like a regular. hes told me stories where hes been there and seen the girls sitting on dudes laps and totally macking with the regulars. he also says the rumor is that the owner pays for boob jobs for all the waitresses. you need to see for yourself.

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