A letter from Orange County to Sanchez

April 9, 2007

21:13′ 08/04/2007 (GMT+7)

Soạn: HA 1077680 gi đến 996 để nhn ảnh này
Better relations between Vietnam and the US are the hope of everybody.

VietNamNet Bridge – VietNamNet has received many letters from readers at home and abroad expressing their discontentment against US Rep. Loretta Sanchez’s inappropriate words and activities during her stay in Vietnam. Among those letters is one from a Vietnamese American who has voted for Sanchez. This is the full text of the letter.


Spokesman responds to US Congresswoman’s comments on Vietnam

Terrorist group works out plan for Sanchez’s visit

As a constituent in the district where Loretta Sanchez represents, I am disappointed about her ineffective way of working. Vietnam is not a perfect country so it has many things that still need improvements, including freedom and democracy. 

However, the showing-off, undiplomatic, and insensitive working style of Sanchez doesn’t help promote freedom and democracy in Vietnam, but drives a wedge between the US and Vietnam. We should ask ourselves, who would benefit when a deep ditch exists between the two nations? It would not be the community of Vietnamese Americans. So whom? 

What has Sanchez done for extremists in Vietnam? Has she helped any of them get out of jail? Or she has only exploited them to have an opportunity to ‘go on the stage’ and sold us illusive cakes?

Meanwhile, there are congressmen who do not make somuch noise but have solved difficulties and differences between Vietnam and the US, and helped the two sides get closer to each other. As Vietnamese we want Vietnam to be more friendly to the US or to other countries? Sanchez’s holier-than-thou attitude doesn’t help solve any problem but makes things difficult for many people in Vietnam. 

As voters, we have the right to raise our voice. Sanchez needs to understand that we are not kids to eat her cake picture. Her acts only bring her kudos within a few days and make a deep hole that many others must fill up for her in the upcoming many months. 

Let’s raise our voice to show Sanchez that the community of Vietnamese Americans in the Orange County is not silly. We are able to replace her by young and bright faces. Let’s raise our voice by sending emails to Sanchez’s office through carrie.brooks@mail.house.gov, calling to 202-225-2965 or sending letters to 1230 Longworth HOB. Washington D.C. 20515. 

Our direct voice is the strength of community. Let’s express our opinions to this loudmouthed but ineffective Mexican-origin congresswoman. 

Tran Duc Anh / Tony Nguyen
Orange County, California

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