You know Chloe Dao from her designs

March 20, 2007

You know Chloe Dao from her designs on Project Runway — now see a side of her you didn’t know and be inspired!  

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Are you a fan of Project Runway? Chloe Dao, the winner from season two, sat down with our own visual stylist, Audrey Mansfield, for a candid conversation about her career, her experience on the show, and how she’s following her dreams. For more information on the Lot 8 boutique:

For more information on Chloe Dao’s work on Project Runway:

About Chloe Dao: At the age of 10, Chloe Dao got her first taste of fashion from watching Style with Elsa Klensch on CNN. Fashion, of course, was not in the future plans for this Vietnamese immigrant family. Chloe’s hard working parents, Thu Thien Dao and Hue Thuc Luong brought their eight daughters to the United States from Pakse, Laos in 1979 seeking a better life for the family. Like typical parents, they wanted Chloe — the sixth child — and the other daughters to pursue careers in law or medicine. Instead, Chloe and her two younger sisters devoted every Sunday morning to watching the latest runway shows from around the world. Each episode inspired and evoked her passion for design. Chloe’s creative mind and fingers found its way into her father’s garage where she made jewelry out of screws and washers. As her passion grew, she started to redesign her own clothes and special finds from vintages shops. Sewing came naturally as Mrs. Luong was a seasoned tailor. By her senior year of high school, she sewed her first garment from scratch, a royal blue satin strapless gown with beads and lace trim for prom. Driven by discipline, determination and talent, Chloe, opened Lot 8 in the summer of 2000; this time with much help and support from her family. The boutique, appropriately named after the eight daughters, showcases Chloe’s diverse collection of cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and occasional sportswear pieces. Today, Lot 8 is one of Houston’s premiere boutiques and is regularly featured in Lucky magazine and local media.


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