Million Dollar Baby

March 20, 2007

ebruary 25, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

Ah, what to do if you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth?

A. Become a dilettante.
B. Star in your own reality TV show.
C. Find a passion, something you have a talent for, and go for it.

In Monica Tran’s case, the calling was fashion. A former Armani executive and self-proclaimed child of privilege, Tran recently opened Trust Fund Baby, a NoHo-based boutique to outfit mini scions and the rest of us. The shop’s Asian-inspired décor and tranquil setting is a welcome relief for busy parents, as are special touches such as Apple & Eve juice boxes for tots and a changing area and bottle warmer for babies. All proving that you don’t have to have an offshore account to enjoy the finer things here.

Snubbing the conventional pink-and-blue fare, Tran’s newborn and toddler collection aspires for unique, heirloom-quality clothing and accessories with a modern edge. Her high-style holdings include a cashmere hoodie with fur trim and camouflage-print lining, one-of-a-kind mommy and me bracelets handcrafted by an artisan in Hawaii, and kimono knit tunics perfect for expecting moms. The luxurious sweaters include bold stripes, argyles and zip-front styles.

Even if you’re not rearing the next generation of socialites or future Forbes 500s, there’s no reason your little ones can’t look like a million.

Trust Fund Baby, 239 Elizabeth St. (Houston & Prince), 212.219.3600; Hours: Sun.-Wed. noon-6pm, Thurs.-Sat. noon-7pm.

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