US citizens join Victims of Agent Orange Association

December 20, 2006


Vietnamese victims of dioxin poisoning, code-named ‘agent orange’, lie in their cribs at the Peace Village in Ho Chi Minh City  

The Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin (VAVA) Tuesday admitted two Americans as honorable members, bringing its foreign and overseas Vietnamese members to six.

The new members are Merle Ratner and her husband Ngo Thanh Nhan, a Vietnamese American, both founders and coordinators of the US-based “Relief campaign and responsibility towards Vietnamese Agent Orange victims” organization, which was set up in February 2005.

The couple has spared no effort in calling for worldwide support for Agent Orange victims in Vietnam over the past years.

The relief organization plans to support VAVA members’ trip to the US to attend an appeals case involving AO victims against US chemical producers, slated for April, 2007.

One Response to “US citizens join Victims of Agent Orange Association”

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