November 25, 2006

Brad and Angelina take Vietnam by surprise
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Pitt and Jolie arrived in Vietnam on Thursday, during what appeared to be a break from The film stars Jolie as the wife of US journalist Daniel Pearl, who was
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Movies to see (or not)
24 Hours Vancouver – Canada
Estevez’s film Bobby. You’d better already know before going in about Robert Kennedy’s run for the American presidency in 1968, fuelled by anti-Vietnam war

San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA
When the American movie “Love Story” was released in South Vietnam in 1970, the themes of the tragic-romantic film with Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw struck
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Fistful of remakes, fresh takes
calendarlive.com – Los Angeles,CA,USA
No Sir David Zeiger’s film looks at the role that military men and women took in protesting and ultimately ending the war in Vietnam. Docurama: $26.95, Dec.

Filmmaker expands scope of work
Concord Monitor – Concord,NH,USA
He could work longer and harder on a film in rural New Hampshire than he could Among other projects Burns is considering is a history of the Vietnam War and a

Memories of a grand filmmaker
Deseret News – Salt Lake City,UT,USA
After a tour of duty in Vietnam, I was stationed in Germany for the last Having read about the film, and reasoning (correctly) that it would never play in the
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Pacifica Radio – USA
The film was a black comedy about a medical unit in the Korean War, but it tapped into a groundswell of opposition to the war in Vietnam and became a mammoth

Ambitious ‘Bobby’
Washington Post – United States
the day Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated, the director keeps the film’s real subject to marry a boy she knows only vaguely to keep him from going to Vietnam.
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Spanish films screened in Vietnam
Nhan Dan – Hanoi,Vietnam
A Spanish film week, the fifth of its kind in Vietnam, kicked off in Hanoi on November 22. During the week, four outstanding Spanish

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