Vietnam wins Busan Film Festival

October 23, 2006


Actress Truong Ngoc Anh and director
Luu Huynh at Busan Film Festival.

Vietnamese film ‘Ao Lua Ha Dong’ (The White Silk Dress) won audience vote prize of the Busan International Film Festival.

The prize presentation ceremony was held on October 20 in Busan.

The film’s director Luu Huynh came on the stage to receive the prize.

The White Silk Dress, a five-year production with a value of over US$2 million is the most expensive film ever made in Vietnam, relates the misfortunes of its two central characters, Dan and her humpbacked husband, and their efforts to hold on to a precious Ha Dong silk dress that belonged to Dan’s mother.

The film was shot in Vietnam’s northern and central regions and one of its scenes needed recreating a flood.

The filmmakers had to blockade a village in Hoi An. A dam surrounding the village was set up using thousands of sand-bags and water was pumped in to give the impression of a flood. More than 1,000 extras were used for the evacuation scenes.

Ao Lua Ha Dong is the first Vietnamese film to use the ‘flying-cam’ technique, which was achieved by hiring American and Singaporean technicians.

At Cannes 2005, an extended trailer of Ao Lua Ha Dong impressed audiences with its beautiful scenes and unique Vietnamese style imagery.

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