October 17, 2006



VIA (www.viaprograms. org ) is a non-profit, non-governmental international
education organization committed to growing minds through purposeful,
hands-on cross-cultural exchange.  Our Asia Program recruits, trains, and
places English teachers and English resource assistants in Indonesia, Laos,
Vietnam, China, and Myanmar.  Our Stanford Program brings groups of Asian
college students to the U.S. and other parts of Asia on provocative study
seminars.  VIA has 10 full-time staff, 3 in-country staff, 50+ volunteers in
the field, and 250 participants from Asia.

* *

The Vietnam In-Country Representative (“Representative”) is a unique
full-time field position in Hanoi, Vietnam.  The Representative has
responsibilities in three main areas: volunteer support, in-country program
management, and communication with the Home Office in the U.S.  Travel time
and work during evening and weekends is expected during orientation, tour of
posts, and annual meeting.  Duties include but are not limited to:

I) Volunteer Support/Coordinatio n

– Organize a summer orientation to ease volunteers’ cultural
– Provide support to the volunteers; assisting in the settling-in
process and acting as a troubleshooter in case problems arise that would
require an official VIA representative; maintain regular correspondence with
– Conduct a fall and spring tour of posts to evaluate the partnership
between VIA volunteers and host institutions.
– Organize and coordinate annual meeting for all volunteers and Home
Office staff.

II) Program Management

– Represent VIA in official business with the Ministry of Education
and Training, PACCOM, host institutions, Ford Foundation, NGOs, banks, and
other institutions.
– Maintain financial accounting of the field budget (manage field
budget, pay volunteer stipends, pay bills related to program expenses,
report to home office).
– Handle all necessary administrative paperwork and procedures, such
as contracts, Memos of Understanding (MOUs), permits, registrations, visas,
and reports.**
– Oversee summer undergraduate programs and summer program
– Respond to information requests about VIA.

III) Home Office Communication

– Communicate with Home Office on a frequent basis regarding field
– Work with the Program Director in the U.S. on program expansion by
researching new directions and examining potential new posts.
– Work with Home Office in responding to emergency situations and
conflict management.

*Qualifications: *

Demonstrated commitment to cross-cultural collaboration and international
education; international immersion experience, preferably in Vietnam and
through VIA; participatory leadership style; leadership and management
skills; computer skills; strong written/oral communication skills in
English; and strong interpersonal skills.  There is a preference for
candidates who can commit to at least two years.

*Terms of Employment:*

–          The Vietnam In-Country Representative is hired as a full-time (40
hr/week) position.

–          Wage is set at the monthly stipend of U.S. $1100 and housing
stipend of U.S. $350.

–          Basic medical and emergency evacuation insurance coverage

–          International flight to home country is provided including
economy airfare, airport taxes and transportation to and from Vietnamese

–          15 annual leave, 5 days Tet holiday, and all official Vietnamese

*Location: *Hanoi, Vietnam.  VIA does not have a formal Vietnam office.  The
Representative works from his/her home.**

* *

*Apply by:* October 20, 2006; Rolling deadline – applications will be
reviewed as received.

*Timeline*: October 1-31: Interviews at Home Office in San Francisco, CA,
USA or Hanoi, Vietnam.  Preferred start date is November 20, 2006.


Christine Tran

Vietnam Program Director

VIA (formerly Volunteers in Asia)

965 Mission Street, Suite 701

San Francisco, CA 94103

vietnam@viaprograms .org

Justin Hart

In-Country Representative

VIA (formerly Volunteers in Asia)

Hanoi International Post Office

I.P.O. Box 1

Hanoi, Vietnam

viahn@netnam. vn.org

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