Vietnamese films still monotonous

October 12, 2006

11:35′ 10/10/2006 (GMT+7)

Soạn: HA 919611 gi đến 996 để nhn ảnh này
A scene from “Ha Dong silk dress”.

VietNamNet Bridge – Talking about the Vietnamese movie industry, one may say Vietnam only has films to introduce the beauty of its culture and nature.


Great efforts have been made for Vietnam to have two films compete at the Pusan Film Festival held later this month. However, if they only introduce the “strange” aspects of Vietnamese traditions the two are not likely to be successful.


The Pusan Film Festival will take place in Korea from October 12 to 20. Vietnam has sent two films to compete at the festival including Chuyen cua Pao (Pao’s story) and Ao lua Ha Dong (Ha Dong silk dress).


The two share a common theme, which is to introduce the traditional culture of Vietnam to foriegners. Once again the Vietnamese movie industry has nothing more than films depicting the Vietnamese culture or nature to compete with films from other countries.


One may recall that 20 years ago the Korean movie industry was also in the same situation trying to find ways for their films to escape from just introducing their traditional culture. In 1993 A Korean film Sopyonje (Pansori singer) by the famous director Kwonteak was seen as a great success. If the films were just about the Korean tradition it would have been forgotten right then. However, through the story Kwonteak forecast that the Korean traditional culture would lose influence due to the invasion of western and Japanese culture. A large movement to protect the traditional culture broke out in Korea which proved the influence of the film in Korean society.


Making films about the traditional culture or beautiful nature shows the advantage of featuring culturally and naturally special things. Nevertheless it also indicates weaknesses of a country’s movie industry as it could not “take” audiences deeper inside the society of that nation. This is obviously something we need to make audiences remember Vietnamese films.


One can easily find thousands of excuses to explain the failure of the movie industry in a country. The two most common excuses given by Vietnamese film producers are budget and technology. However, there have been many good examples where movies were seen as successful but were made with limited budgets as well as outdated technology.


Efforts of Vietnamese film makers are acknowledgeable, especially when mentioning their attendance in many international film festivals. However, looking further, the failures they have had in these film festivals are mostly because their ability is not yet good enough.


Nguyen Thuy

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