miss vietnam global in vegas

August 22, 2006

Netherland Canada USA USA
Bui, Thuc Oanh Thi Co, Tina Phuong Thao Dinh, Amy Thien Anh Dinh, Hanh
Sweden Canada USA Denmark
Flodin, Dominique Hoa My Ha, Michelle Hoang, Crystal My Linh Hoang, Jade
USA USA France Canada
Hoang, Kathy Lam, Phoebe Minh-Thu Le, Hoang Anh Le, Hong
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For the first time ever, 50 of the most beautiful Vietnamese women from all over the world will compete for the prestigious honor of being named the first annual Miss Vietnam Global 2006. The contestants will have a once in a life- time opportunity to develop personal growth, leadership, friendships and numerous invaluable experiences that will forever be memorable. This prestigious pageant encourages young Vietnamese women to be motivated and inspired to turn their dreams into reality. Most significantly, the Miss Vietnam Global beauty pageant strides to further developed their self-confidence to achieve their personal goals with diligence, intellect and elegance.

The extravagant event of the Miss Vietnam Global aims to reunite all the Vietnamese communities from different parts of the world by promoting the beauty of Vietnamese women and reserving our tradition and culture. The Miss Vietnam Global gives us a glimpse into the many integrated cultures that surrounds our Vietnamese communities. The Miss Vietnam Global exists because of the dedication and commitment from our staff and volunteers, the participation from the lovely contestants and the endless support from all of our Vietnamese communities globally.

Miss Vietnam Global will set a new benchmark to internationally recognize the true beauty and intelligence of the Vietnamese women. The committee hopes that the contestants will learn from this wonderful experience and will share it with their second homeland. We strongly believe this invaluable experience for the contestants will be a stepping-stone to future leadership roles and hope each contestant will represent our Vietnamese communities throughout the world with grace, respect and honor.

Press Releases Date
Miss Vietnam Global pageant enlists CPA firm for score tabulation August 9, 2006
Miss Vietnam Global Press Release (English) May 30, 2006
Miss Vietnam Global Press Release (Vietnamese) May 30, 2006
Người Lữ Hành Cô Độc Tại MVG, by Đức Hà July 20, 2006
Miss Vietnam Global, by Đức Hà July 18, 2006
Người Việt July 16, 2006
Hoa Hậu Việt Nam Hoàn Vũ, by HỒ VĂN XUÂN NHI July 14, 2006
Tuấn Anh, by Trần Nhất Phong July 10, 2006

In Las Vegas: TT Bảo Lãnh Việt-Mỹ (702-436-4888)
In Orange County: Bích Thu Vân (714-897-4519) and Tú Quỳnh (714-531-4284)
In Northern California: Kim Lợi (408-993-8868)
Other Areas, please call: 1-888-308-1188 (Toll Free)
Ticket prices: US$50, $75, $100, and $150 (VIP)

Miss Vietnam Global is a production of MFC Media Entertainment
If you have any questions or comments regarding the show, do not hesitate to contact us:
MFC Media
2352 Senter Road # 888
San Jose, CA 95112

Telephone: 1-888-308-1188 (Toll Free)


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