Vietnamese family finds a dirty little secret in DVD player

July 29, 2006


A woman in central Vietnam was more than a bit surprised when she found her small child watching pornography instead of the music DVD her husband said they had been watching.

N.S, a man from central Vietnam’s Hue city, bought his Calitech DVD player in Ho Chi Minh City in 2003. Since then, it has been running smoothly…

But when N.S. and his small child were recently watching a music show on the DVD player, his wife called him into the other room urgently.

Hurriedly, he ejected music disk but did not to turn the DVD player off.

A short while later, he had forgotten about the DVD when his wife then scolded him for playing a porn film in front of their young child.

Confused, he found the player’s tray empty. But when he closed the empty tray in, the player automatically played a porn film.

He then dissembled the player and found that there was a VCD hidden above the tray.

He realized that when there is a disc in the regular tray, the player plays both the sneaky VCD and the regular simultaneously, though the player’s eye under the tray can only read the regular disc.

But when there is no disk in the tray to obstruct the tricky porn VCD above, the ‘eye’ reads the illicit VCD, thus playing the erotic movie.

Reported by Bui Ngoc Long – Translated by Hoang Bao

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