Rome art lovers enjoy Vietnamese paintings

July 9, 2006

Last updated: 15:54 – July 8, 2006



‘Under the Sun’
by Thanh Chuong.

Paintings by Vietnamese artists are being exhibited at Palazzo Valenlini, Vittoriano Square in Rome, Italy on the occasion of Vietnamese Culture Month. The exhibition, called “Dragon and Butterfly”, shows more than 80 paintings by more than 30 Vietnamese artists of various generations from the time of two resistance wars until today.

The event, which runs until July 16, is the highlight of a Festival of Vietnamese Culture organised by the Province of Rome as part of its wide-ranging Spring Festival. The works are the fruits of painters like Pan Ke An, Khuc Thanh Binh, Nguyen Thanh Binh, Trong Cat, Thanh Chuong, Le Thiet Cuong, Do Quang em, Quach Dong Phuong, Dinh Thi Tham Phong, Phan Cam Thuong, and Le Quoc Viet.

Four lacquer and two oil-on-cavas works, which are considered the honour of Vietnamese painting, have also been selected from the collection of the Vietnam Fine Art Museum to present, including Hoc Nghe (Appreticeship, 1967) by Le Ngoc Hieu, Lao Dong Vi Mien Nam (Labouring for the South, 1966) by Nguyen Trong Cap and Nguyen Thanh Ngoc, Nang Chieu (Sunset, 1944) by Cao Trong Thiem, Nho Mot Chieu Tay Bac (Missing an Afternoon in the Northwestern Region, 1955) by Phan Ke An, Dem Binh Lang (Binh Lang Night, 1975) by Do Dong and Chuan Bi Vuot Song (Prepare to Cross the River, 2000) by Nguyen Hoang.

Also in the exhibition are costumes of ethnic minority groups in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam, along with some minority groups from the south, like Van Kieu, Ede, Gia Rai, Cham and Khmer. The costumes are selected from 260 outfits collected by the Vietnamese Arts Museum.

The Vietnam Arts Museum will also present four lacquer and two oil paintings selected from its archives, including Apprenticeship by Le Ngoc Hieu (1967), Labouring for the South by Nguyen Trong Cap (1966), Sunset by Cao Trong Thiem (1944), Missing an Afternoon in the Northernwestern Region by Phan Ke An (1955), Binh Lang Night by Do Dong (1975), and Prepare to Cross the River by Nguyen Hoang (2000).

Painter Thanh Chuong, whose painting is also on display, says “this is the biggest exhibition abroad that I have ever attended. The paintings are displayed in a place especially reserved for world renowned painters, which surprise Vietnamese artists. This shows that Vietnam’s fine art are integrating into the world art. This exhibition make Italian art lovers know about Vietnam’s country and people’.

Thanh Chuong added that Vietnam’s art was going in the right path, and he feels more confidence about himself and about Vietnam’s fine art. “The success of the “Dragon and Butterfly” Exhibition is beyond expectation” said Thanh Chuong.

The exhibition is the opportunity for Vietnamese painters to assert their abilities. The paintings were chosen for display by Italian fine art experts, including critic Angelo Bucarelli.

Meanwhile, Director of Vietnam’s Fine Arts Museum, Truong Quoc Binh is proud because several of the Museum’s paintings are exhibited in Palazzo Valentini.

“I have been to Italy many times but I have never been so excited. Italian people were really attracted by our by our culture,” said Truong Quoc Binh, director of the Hanoi National Fine Arts Museum.

The “Dragon and Butterfly” exhibition owns its success to Italian reporter and writer Corrado Rugger and overseas Vietnamese businessman Nguyen Huu Hung, Mr Binh added.

Having been to Vietnam many times, Rugger came to love the country and was impressed with its culture. He persuaded Mayor Enrico Gasbarra to invite Vietnam to the Spring Festival with the programes of painting exhibition, fashion shows, cuisine, trade and tourism conferences.

Vietnamese Italian Nguyen Huu Hung, who returned to Vietnam in 1995, was granted the Knight title by Italian Government in 2000 for his contribution to strengthening the friendship between Vietnam and Italy.

The two men started their preparation for the exhibition in 2005.

(Tien Phong newspaper)

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