Artist nominated for awards

July 5, 2006

10:31′ 02/07/2006 (GMT+7)

VietNamNet – Authors and artists from across the country will be recognised by the State for their contributions to their fields.

The Ministry of Culture and Information will submit to the Prime Minister a list of artists, including nine freelancers who are listed for the first time.

They were selected out of total 314 artists who qualified for the title of Meritorious Artist, including singers, actors, instrumentalists, directors and painters.

The National Award Board also proposes five authors for the Ho Chi Minh Prize, one of Vietnam’s highest honours.

The five are: composer Nguyen Trong Bang, artist Nguyen Dinh Quang, poet Vuong Kieu An, professor Ha Minh Duc and movie director Dang Nhat Minh.

The State Prize is expected to award 155 authors of artistic and literary works in the fields of music, fine arts, theatre, dancing, photography, folk art, architecture, film and literature.

The National Award Board decides to nominate 30 individuals working across a range of artistic and broadcast fields for the title of People’s Artist.

This is the first time the list of artists will be made public before it is submitted to the Prime Minister for consideration.

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