Arrivederci, Viet Nam! Ciao, Roma!

June 13, 2006


Roman holiday: A creation by Minh Hanh will be presented during a fashion show in Rome. — Photo Courtesy of Italian Embassy

Residents of Italy’s capital city will have a chance to learn about the modern and traditional expressions of Vietnamese culture during a festival set to kick off this month.

Scheduled to begin on June 16, the month-long celebration entitled The Dragon and Butterfly: Vietnamese Culture in Rome will depict various special cultural events, including art exhibitions, fashion performances, culinary shows and movie programmes.

The festival will commence with the inauguration of an art exhibit titled The Vietnamese Contemporary Painting at the Museum of Vittoriano, one of Rome’s most prestigious museums, where 80 selected works of 20 popular Vietnamese painters, including Thanh Chuong, Le Thiet Cuong, Do Quang Em, Quach Dong Phuong, Khuc Thanh Binh and Ngo Ba Hoang, will be presented.

A photo exhibit by the Italian Ambassador to Viet Nam, Alfredo Matacotta, will present 40 images of Viet Nam’s people and landscapes, which have fascinated the ambassador since he arrived in 2004.

According to the ambassador, the exhibition will present the beauty and value of Viet Nam and its culture to Italian people who have only studied Viet Nam through its war history.

In addition, a fashion performance presenting 60 creations by Vietnamese designer Minh Hanh will take place at the city’s Palazzo Valentini.

"Words cannot describe my happiness to present my creations in Rome, one of the world’s fashion capitals. I hope the collection, which is created from Vietnamese materials and will be presented by Vietnamese models, will contribute to promoting our unique culture," she said.

Costumes of 16 ethnic minorities in northern Viet Nam, which are selected from the 286-costume collection at the Viet Nam Fine Arts Museum, will be presented in order to reveal the living and cultural customs of ethnic people in Viet Nam to Italians.

Four lacquer and two oil-on-canvas works, which are considered the honour of Vietnamese painting, have also been selected from the collection of the museum to present, including Hoc Nghe (Apprenticeship, 1967) by Le Ngoc Hieu, Lao Dong Vi Mien Nam (Labouring for the South, 1966) by Nguyen Trong Cap and Nguyen Thanh Ngoc, Nang Chieu (Sunset, 1994) by Cao Trong Thiem, Nho Mot Chieu Tay Bac (Remembering an Afternoon in the Northwestern Region, 1955) by Phan Ke An, Dem Binh Lang (Night in Binh Lang, 1975) by Do Dong and Chuan Bi Vuot Song (Prepare Passing the River, 2000) by Nguyen Hoang.

A live broadcast food show also will be organised to display Vietnamese culinary creations that a large number of Europeans are not familiar with. Gourmet-lovers will not only have a chance to taste Vietnamese cuisine, but also to observe cooking methods while Vietnamese chefs prepare the dishes in an open kitchen.

Some award-winning movies will be screened during a Vietnamese movie festival entitled Nights of Cinematography being held at Vittorio Gardens. Movies include Chuyen Cua Pao (Pao’s Story) by director Ngo Quang Hai, Thung Lung Hoang Vang (Deserted Valley) by director Pham Nhue Giang, Ba Mua (Three Seasons) by Vietnamese-American director Tony Bui, Mui Du Du Xanh (Scent of Green Papaya), Xich Lo (The Cyclo) and Mua He Chieu Thang Dung (Vertical Rays of Sun) by Vietnamese-French director Tran Anh Hung.

Workshops on tourism and economic co-operation between Viet Nam and Italy will also be organised during the festival. — VNS

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