Hanoi schoolgirls survive suicide attempt

May 28, 2006


Five girls in Hanoi, who each took a handful of sleeping pills in a suicide attempt Thursday, escaped with their lives after being treated in hospital.

The girls, all aged 14-15, classmates and close friends, bought 30-40 sleeping pills and dissolved them in coffee before drinking.

Tien Phong (Pioneer) newspaper reported that some of the girls had been scolded by their families for getting poor marks last semester and felt low-spirited.

However, when asked by Thanh Nien Friday, one of them said: “We just thought after taking the pills [we would fall asleep and] wake up without remembering anything.”

Do Dieu A., Chu Ngoc A., Nguyen Anh N., Nguyen Thanh T. và Nguyen Thu T. were brought to the E Hospital at 3pm Thursday where, after getting first aid, four recovered by evening; the fifth remained unconscious until midnight.

A doctor guessed that besides the sleeping pills the girls had taken another drug which caused the fifth girl to remain unconscious for so long. She had a large quantity of dangerous substances in her stomach.

Two teachers, Hoang Tuan and Tran Thi Nga, told Thanh Nien they were shocked at the attempted suicide because they had been attending school normally until Wednesday and had showed no unusual signs.

They said all were well-behaved while one was a class monitor.

“They are intimate friends and share the same taste in clothes,” Nga said.

Tuan said: “The school management has told the teachers and students to help these girls return to school without giving them a complex.”

Reported by Thu Hong – Translated by Thu Thuy


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