Five Vietnamese girls in suicide pact

May 28, 2006

The hell?????Actually I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often. I think Vietnaemse kids should show this to their parents. 

Saturday May 27 14:11 AEST

Five teenage Vietnamese school girls, two of them sisters, committed suicide by binding themselves together at the wrists and jumping into a river, local police said.

Pham Van Ba, chief of police investigations in Thanh Ha district, northern Hai Duong province, said the bodies of the girls, all aged 13, were found in the river on Friday tied together by red scarves.

"The bodies were discovered on Friday by local authorities, two days after their suicide," he told AFP. "It is a very serious case and the first such suicide pact in our province," he said.

The police newspaper Cong An quoted neighbours as saying the girls apparently left suicide notes with their teachers and friends in which they expressed "anger against their parents".

Khaleej Times Online >> News >> THE WORLD

Five schoolgirls in Vietnam jump to their deaths

27 May 2006
HANOI – Five Vietnamese schoolgirls, in an apparent group suicide, drowned themselves by leaping into a river with their hands tied, police said on Saturday.

The bodies of the girls, who all attended seventh grade together, were discovered in the Thai Binh River about 150 km northeast of Hanoi. Their hands had been bound together with red ribbons from school.

Police believe the girls, two of whom were twin sisters, leapt to their deaths Wednesday evening, but their bodies were not discovered until Friday.

“The families found suicide notes,” said Le Xuan Ba, chief investigator with the Thanh Ha police department in Hai Duong province. “In the notes they said they were sorry to their parents and friends.”

Some of the girls wrote that they were unhappy because their parents scolded them too often. They also mentioned that boys at school were picking on them.

“Their classmates said they were acting strangely on Wednesday,” said Ba. “They were heard saying ’This is my last day in school.’” Police said that this was the first time such an incident had ever taken place in the district.





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