Traditional styles attract foreign eyes

May 27, 2006

12:57' 26/05/2006 (GMT+7)

Soạn: AM 788031 gửi đến 996 để nhận ảnh này

VietNamNet – American businessmen and tourists visited some fashion shows at the end of March. They are among the many foreigners interested in the industry.


A fashion show by designer Le Minh Khoa on March 17 – 24 at the Sheraton Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, drew a large contingent of foreigners, who had booked for the show a year before.


Khoa said he has earned a lot of congratulations from the audience for the show. His viewers also promised to keep tabs on his work in the near future.


Another designer, Ngo Thai Uyen takes on students from international fashion and art universities to learn and share skills and information.


Uyen said the students all love Vietnamese fashion, especially designs crafted from handmade and traditional products. From June, 2006, Uyen’s company will organise monthly fashion shows, focusing on foreign customers.


For years, designer Sy Hoang has run his tea shop ‘A moment’ in HCM City, which is his design showroom too. Foreigners love to enjoy his showroom, which is a space of Vietnamese culture and tradition.


Sy Hoang, Le Minh Khoa, and Ngo Thai Uyen are among the many Vietnamese fashion designers ardently approached by international clients for their traditional-style designs, such as Ao Dai, or creations adapted from minority people’s costumes.


Designers introduce their products to international markets through fashion and cultural events, or through their own websites. Now, they see that direct marketing to tourists is an effective and fast strategy to harvest success. As Sy Hoang said, almost all of his designs were sold after his shows.


However, other designers, such as Huyen Trang, find it difficult. “Tourism companies demand that our shows must have traditional-style creations, which attract their customers most. However, I think fashion must have a contemporary look,” Trang said.


“With just traditional styles, although they are nice, Vietnamese designers cannot reach the development level of the international industry. Styles and creations should be varied,” she said.


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