Vietnam police turn sights on three more in football corruption

May 18, 2006

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Huynh Hong Son (C)  

The police’s attention has now turned to three other footballers in the Song Lam Nghe An (SLNA) bribery scam in which the club allegedly ‘bought’ the 2000-01 V-League title.

One of them is Bui Xuan Thuy, a Saigon Port FC player, while the identity of the other two, from Da Nang and SLNA clubs, has not yet been revealed.

The police said Truong Tan Hai, arrested last year, hhad fingered Thuy for taking a bribe of VND30 million (US$1,900) from SLNA official Nguyen Huu Thang.

On Friday in Hanoi they asked Thuy to explain the allegations but did not reveal if he admitted anything.

Earlier this week, the police arrested two Saigon Port footballers Huynh Hong Son and Ho Van Loi also for bribery over the match-fixing scam.

So far, 11 people have been indicted for bribery, including five officials – Nguyen Hoang Thu, former director of sport in the central Nghe An province; Nguyen Hong Thanh, former SLNA managing director; Nguyen Thanh Vinh, SLNA head coach; Nguyen Huu Thang and Nguyen Xuan Vinh, SLNA assistant coaches; and six footballers, Truong Tan Hai, Huynh Hong Son, Ho Van Loi, Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Chuong, Nguyen Van Phung, and Bui Xuan Thuy.

Six of the 11 are in prison in Ha Tay province near Hanoi pending investigation.

In 2000-01 Thang allegedly bribed many footballers from Saigon Port, Song Da Nam Dinh, and HCMC Police for throwing games and enabling SLNA to win the title.

Reported by Viet Chien, Kap Thanh Long – Translated by Minh Phat

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