Ao dai takes US by storm

May 18, 2006

11:40' 20/04/2006 (GMT+7)

Soạn: AM 756993 gửi đến 996 để nhận ảnh này
Ao dai designed by Si Hoang.

VietNamNet – A programme on Vietnamese Ao Dai (traditional dress), with exhibition, conference and fashion show, will take place in

San Jose, California from April 18 to July 7.


The program Ao Dai: A Modern Design Coming of Age, organised by the Association of Vietnam Art (AVA) in San Jose, will focus on the history and role of ao dai in Vietnamese culture.


Fashion designers, professors and collectors in the US, such as Kieu Linh Valverde, Monica Tran, Le Phương Thao, and Chloe Dao, winner of the design contest at Bravo TV's Project Runway in New York recently, will join the event.


From Vietnam, collectors Trinh Bach, Ngo Viet Nam Son, and designers Sy Hoang, Minh Hanh, Le Minh Khoa will bring collections.


This is the biggest cultural event on ao dai in the US, under organisers and sponsors AVA, San Jose Blanket and Weaving Museum, Applied Materials, Piercey Toyota, Union Bank of California, Southwest Airlines and the San Jose Council.


According to organisers, participants will focus on the story of ao dai from the 18th century, looking at the 1930s under the Nguyen Dynasty, and its development and use in the 20th century, both in Vietnam and around the world.


According to designers, ao dai is a bridge linking culture, sentiment and economy between the Vietnamese community in Vietnam and the world.


“Vietnamese ao dai’s role is not aesthetic only. It is an ambassador of Vietnamese culture, history and tradition, on the way to integrate to the world. Its appearance in Hollywood and Paris, as artworks of prestigious fashion designers as Christian Lacroix, Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren, Claude Montana and Richard Tyler, is strong evidence for its strength.” Organisers said.


(Source: TN)

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