British MPs support Vietnamese AO victims

May 1, 2006

Last updated: 16:19 – April 24, 2006

Member of the British Parliament Robert Marshall Andrews on April 20 tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) in the Parliament  requiring compensation for Vietnamese Agent Orange victims.

The EDM, which was signed by 28 British MPs, notes: "it is now more than 20 years since those American citizens who helped to spray Agent Orange in Vietnam reached a settlement with the manufacturers and suppliers of Agent Orange in the sume of US $184 million; and we believe the time has now come for those upon whom Agent Orange was sprayed to be similarly compensated."

In his letter to London-based Vietnam News Agency's bureau on April 21, Secretary of the Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society Len Aldis said that he was very glad to see many British MPs support the Vietnamese AO victims' struggle for justice, affirming that he would continue to ask other MPs to add their support.

Len Aldis disclosed that by the end of April, Jean Lambert and two other member of the European Parliament, from Spain and Sweden, plan to table a Written Declaration (WD) supporting an international day for the victims of chemical weapons.

The WD will need the support of 50 percent of MEPs to become EU policy. The Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society calls on all members of the European Parliament to give their full support to this Written Declaration, he said. (VNA)

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