Vietnamese male cancers score highest rate

April 30, 2006

Gastric carcinoma  

The ratio of stomach and liver cancers in Vietnamese men is the highest in the world, delegates to an international conference in Hanoi heard.

At the two-day conference starting Thursday on nuclear medicine and cancer, Vietnamese experts said stomach or gastric cancer accounted for 22.5 percent of all types of cancers inflicting Vietnamese males – the highest rate in the world.

The equivalent rate in liver cancer is 18.1, also a record high.

The world’s corresponding mean rates for gastric and liver cancer is 20 percent and 15.8 percent respectively.

Besides gastric and liver cancer, bronchial tube and lung cancers also affect Vietnamese males the most severely, especially ones over 40 years of age.

Assistant Professor, doctor Nguyen Ba Duc, vice chairman of the Vietnam Cancer Association told the conference Vietnam had roughly 77,500 new cases of cancers each year.

Also at the conference, Vietnamese and foreign experts discussed using radioactivity in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Reported by Nam Son – Translated by Hoang Bao

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