Vietnamese cultural festival to open in Italy

April 30, 2006


A Vietnamese cultural festival entitled "Dragon and Butterfly" will take place in Rome, Italy, from June 16 to July 16.

This will be the largest Vietnamese cultural festival ever held in Rome, expressing Italian people's love towards the land and people of Vietnam, said Italian Ambassador to Vietnam Alfredo Matacotta Cordella.

On the occasion, the Vittoriano Museum, the most famous museum in Rome, will display contemporary artists' works on June 16.

An exhibition of photos on the daily life, nature beauty, land and people of Vietnam taken by Ambassador Cordella will open in Rome in June 26.

Other programmes will take place in Rome during the festival such as a Vietnamese film week and an exhibition of designer Minh Hanh's fashion collection. Vietnamese cuisine evenings will be organised in Citta del Gusto.

Besides cultural activities, seminars on tourism and economic co-operation between Italy and Vietnam will be held in the capital.

"We believe that Rome's audience will warmly welcome the Vietnamese Cultural Festival," said the city's chairman Enrico Gasparra. "Vietnam is loved for its history, nature and people. It is a country that everyone wants to visit. We are happy to make contributions to further boosting the fine traditional relationship between the two countries."

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