Werewolves of Saigon

April 18, 2006

11:37' 17/04/2006 (GMT+7)

Soạn: AM 753533 gửi đến 996 để nhận ảnh này
Motorbikes for lease.

VietNamNet – In HCM City a man must look the part, and hiring sharp threads and a phat ride works to dupe materialistic girls into thinking you’re successful.


On the busy streets of the southern metropolis, the nuevo riche mince about their way, and being materialistic, all that is stylish and expensive is as good as gold. Yet, many of these well-to-dos are little more than fraudsters, wolves in sheep’s clothing if you will.


K D, a lass of District 5, HCM City, lost US$5,000 and her heart to a wolf she spied drinking a pina colada; his hair was perfect. She then met the man again in daylight hours in Tan Binh District, where he appeared a ne’er do well, helping his wife sell coffee on the pavement.


Meanwhile downtown, T whips out a card, sharp as a tack, and says he is a go-between for real estate traders. He looks sharp in his suit, street-wise and loaded; a gentleman with expensive clothing. His brand-name shoes matching his mobile phone, T basks in the respect of passers-by.


After few beers T reveals that his appearance is a total farce. In reality, he works in marketing at an advertising company where he pulls down a salary of just VND1,2mil (US$72) per month. He admits that the look of a million bucks, all you have to do is rent it. He says by hiring expensive clothes and a mobile phone, he appears more trustworthy.


T is a regular customer of rental shops in HCM City, where he is “trustworthy” enough that the shop owner lets him take out top notch clothing and motorbikes guaranteed only by his identity card.


“New customers have to put up a family-register, or a land-using-right certificate, or a passport. But I’ve been a customer for a long time here now.” T says, rolling off bills from a practically non-existent roll to hire two motorbikes, a Dylan and @, for four hours apiece. Cost for the wheels: VND150,000 (US$9,3). Currency with chicks: priceless.


T and his friends then peel their phat rides to a fashion store on Dien Bien Phu Street, where they kit out for the evening. Cost for the fly threads: VND80,000 (US$0,5). Tender with the ladies: priceless.


T says other rental shops will dress a man cheaper, but he doesn’t like to scrimp when it comes to faking style. The most important, T says, is of course the gold bling, which he rents at Ba Chieu Market. Cost to dazzle with a diamond grill: VND80,000 per day. Credit with the bedazzled honeys: priceless.


To round it off, T graces Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, where he hires a mobile phone. Cost to keep it real-time with your peeps: VND70,000-90,000(US$0,4 -0,55) for a Nokia N70/day; a Samsung: VND10,000 – 30,000 (US$0,2 – 0,45) ; and VND5,000 – 30,000 for a Sony Ericsson. Word from the babes: priceless


All decked out like this, damn, a man just needs somewhere to go, know what I’m sayin? Somewhere to get in the wolf, and more importantly, someone to make the investment worth the effort. In the city centre, the wolf sniffs around a District 1 bar. The ladies are on standby waving just to say hi. Did he stop? No, T just roamed by.


“I know where they hired those skanky clothes,” T says, totally cool. He spies two women at another table, and slides right on over to them. A quick drink later, T returns with a girl on each arm, “We’re going for a night cap,” T growls mischievously. It’s nearly 11pm, T and the two women slide into a taxi, leaving one slightly incredulous hack hanging around on the pavement.


B, another young man who likes to get in the wolf, says he has pulled wool over many a girl’s eyes. “This one chick,” he said, “she was the chief of some trade bureau thing at a hotel. She in love with me and lavished me with love and money. It was sweet until she figured out I was in the wolf.”

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