30 Vietnamese ‘brides’ arrested at gaming den

April 10, 2006

30 Vietnamese 'brides' arrested at gaming den (updated 11:59 a.m.)

Altogether 31 gamblers were rounded up yesterday at a gaming den at Sanchung, a city opposite Taipei across the Tamsui river.All but one of them were Vietnamese "brides."

Some of them took their children to the gambling house, and many of them had stayed there for as long as three days and nights in a row.

The remaining gambler arrested was a Vietnamese worker.

Also arrested were the gambling house operator, Lin Shih-min, 26, and his errand boy, Lee Yu-min, 18.

Sanchung police raided the gambling den shortly after midnight.

They seized NT$670,000 in cash as bet money, IOUs totaling NT$1.65 million, and blank powers of attorney for real estate sales.

Lin asked the losing gamblers to sign those blank powers of attorney in exchange for loans with a high interest, police said.

Some of their husbands own real estate.

Investigators were surprised to find all but one of Lin's customers were Vietnamese women who are married and live in Sanchung and Taipei.

"We are not sure why their husbands did not raise hell when they were away from home for a couple of days without them knowing where their mates and children were," one investigator said.

A mountain of empty lunch boxes was found in the gaming house, the investigator went on. "These women just stayed there gambling, taking meals and feeding their children there," he added. 

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