Fusion Asian Cinema at Silver Lake Film Festival 06

March 26, 2006

Fusion Asian Cinema at Silver Lake Film Festival 06

Little Tokyo (Downtown LA)

March 24-26



Asian isn't wasabi on your mahi-mahi. This year’s Fusion Asian Cinema
program at the SLFF includes eight features, seven documentaries, and
five short films from nine countries. These superb Asian films are
blurring the lines of national borders within the transcultural
wave—films whose universality of themes and images make them readily
accessible to an American audience.


Screenings are held from March 24th – 26th at the JACCC/Aratani Japan America Theatre (http://jaccc.org) and The National Center for The Preservation of Democracy (http://ncdemocracy.org).


addition, there are parties for ticket holders at the NCPD and Crewest
Gallery, music events at Little Radio, free drinks at Little Pedro, and
much more. Visit http://silverlakefilmfestival.org for event update.



Special Discount for VC members:

“Visual Communications” and receive 15% discount on your film passes
when you purchase tickets at the ticket box on film days.



March 24 (Friday): US Premiere

Retrospective – Nobuo Nakagawa, The Maestro of Japanese Horror Films


Nakagawa's retro horror masterpieces from the 1950's and 1960's
transcend the horror genre with their masterful creativity. His film
style gave us the glimpse into some fascinating cinematic art that
influences the contemporary Japanese horror genre. Coming straight from
the Berlin Film Festival, this is the U.S. Premiere of Nakagawa's
series of four signature films on new prints with English subtitles: A
Wicked Woman, Hell, Mansion of the Ghost Cat, and Ghost Story of


Don't miss the first and only day this series is shown in the U.S.A.!

Read film descriptions at http://silverlakefilmfestival.org/fusionasian/nakagawa.htm



March 25 (Saturday): Cult Fusion


transcultural wave is on full display starting with a Bollywood action
flick, EK Ajnabee, a Hollywood remake that took place in Bangkok, along
with groundbreaking shorts Cut and Magical Wash Machine from Asia's
most promising young filmmakers, Royston Tan and Robin Lee. U.S.
premieres from South Korea's lesser known but growing horror scene
include bone-chilling Antarctic Journal and ghosty Red Eye. Cult Fusion
is heightened with LA premiere of Clean, a film by French filmmaker
Olivier Assayas and starring Cannes Films Festival's Best Actress Award
winner Maggie Cheung.


Read film descriptions at http://silverlakefilmfestival.org/fusionasian/cultfusion.htm



March 26 (Sunday): Documentaries & Special Projects


program wraps up with a series of emotionally engaging documentaries:
The Last Rice Farmers, one of the brightest gems of Taiwan's vibrant
documentary scene; Annyong Sayonara, which deals with the post-war
Korean-Japanese relationship; and four short documentaries from
JEEVIKA, the South Asian Livelihood Documentary Festival in New Delhi,
India; each center on the struggles of men and women with a
working-class livelihood. Cui Zi'en, the first openly gay filmmaker to
emerge from China, brings us a feature about male prostitution in China
that walks the line between documentary and fiction, Night Scene. The
final FAC highlight is a series of digital shorts by three preeminent
Asian filmmakers commissioned by South Korea's Jeonju International
Film Festival: Shinya Tsukamoto's Haze, Song Il-gong's Magicians, and
Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Worldly Desires.


Read film descriptions at http://silverlakefilmfestival.org/fusionasian/asiandocs.htm



The Fusion Asian Cinema Program is curated by Erika Kao-Haley and supported by:




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