Man jailed for duping Vietnamese brides, marriage agencies

March 16, 2006

Man jailed for duping Vietnamese brides, marriage agencies

Singapore : A 64-year-old man, who cheated marriage agencies and Vietnamese women looking for Singaporean husbands, was sentenced to four and a-half years in prison, news reports said Saturday.

Cobbler Fan Kiet Teng duped marriage agencies into releasing Vietnamese brides to him by giving them dud cheques for $6,100 (10,000 Singapore dollars).

He pleaded guilty to charges of cheating a 21-year-old Vietnamese woman into having sex with him.

District Judge Jasvender Kaur described the scam as “despicable,” The Straits Times said.

“Your conduct can only be described as odious,” she was quoted as saying.

Fan told the agencies he had been a widower for the past 10 years when he was actually living with his 60-year-old wife and two adult children.

Disturbed at how easily Fan got away with his bride-for-sex scam, the judge urged matchmaking agencies to act responsibly and called for guidelines to protect vulnerable foreign woman.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Jason Chan said Friday that Fan conducted his scams two months after he was released from prison in August for throwing scalding hot water at his mistress.

One Response to “Man jailed for duping Vietnamese brides, marriage agencies”

  1. Tuyet Says:

    I felt sorry for this unlucky girl that he duped. It is bad and miserable to hear such sob stories. I think these Vietnamese girls are poor so they married Korean, Taiwanese or Chinese husbands with hope to change their future and help their family. As a result, most of them ended up miserably. I suggest these Vietnamese women find Vietnamese husbands who live in the West. 

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