Katrina Media Fellowship

March 16, 2006

Dear Friends and Colleagues-


OSI is pleased to announce the release of the RFP for the Katrina  Media Fellowship



I encourage you to pass along the announcement to any eligible and

interested media professionals.


The Katrina Media Fellowships will support dynamic print and radio

journalists, photographers and documentary filmmakers to generate and

improve media coverage of issues exposed by Katrina. Applicants

should propose projects that will expand and deepen the public’s

understanding of race and class inequalities in the United States. Applicants may

also propose projects that will address the government’s response to

problems caused or illuminated by Katrina, the use or misuse of public funds,

the role of private contractors, the effectiveness of clean-up and

rebuilding efforts, citizen involvement in these efforts and lessons

learned that should inform the handling of future natural and man-

made disasters. In addition, applicants may propose projects that draw

attention to OSI’s current or past programmatic priorities using

Katrina as the frame. These priorities include access to legal services and

government assistance, criminal justice reform, improving end of life

care and access to health care and education reform. The RFP can be

viewed at http://www.soros.org/initiatives/justice/focus_areas/katrina/guidelines  . 

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