Vietnamese embraces young film directors

March 15, 2006

Vietnamese embraces young film directors

Many members whose films are being shown at an ongoing festival in Hanoi attended a forum for young Vietnamese directors set up recently by the Press Club.

The forum has, however, attracted not just young directors but also veteran film producers and journalists.

A feature of young Vietnamese directors has been their readiness to move off the beaten and track and try different genres.

However, at the forum they admitted that to try new things they had to withstand pressure from producers, executives, and even actors, and actresses.

Lack of modern equipment and funds were also a major problem, some said.

Bui Thac Chuyen was anxious that few people were interested in watching Vietnamese films and said while making a movie was difficult, making people watch it was even more so.

Film festival

The fourth Golden Kite (Canh Dieu Vang) festival, being held in Hanoi, is aimed at honoring last year’s best Vietnamese films and most entries – like Song Trong So Hai (Live in fear), Chuyen Cua Pao (Pao’s story), Duong Thu, 2 Trong 1 (Two in one), De Muon (surrogate womb) – have been made by directors in their thirties.

If Hai Trong Mot, directed by Dao Duy Phuc, makes people laugh, Song Trong So Hai by Bui Thac Chuyen stirs controversy and curiosity with its bizarre narrative.

Bui Tuan Dung’s Duong Thu surprises and enchants the audience with the young generation’s outlook on war while Quang Hai’s Chuyen Cua Pao is a profound journey into life and destiny.

It may be sheer daring and a desire for new themes that prompted Thien Ngan studio to pour billions of dong on Hai Trong Mot and wartime Duong Thu.

Dung’s first film, Duong Thu nevertheless manages to move and wring audience’s hearts and is a testimony to the skills of young Vietnamese movie directors.

Reported by P.N., T.L. – Translated by Hoang Bao


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  1. I was stationed at the US Army’s Vinh Hao Industrial Site (asphalt production) in 1971. I have been looking everywhere for a copy of Bui Thac Chuyen’s film “Live in Fear”, with English subtitles, hopefully. Where can I get one ???

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